Saturday, December 15, 2007

The old Irish woman "who heard music"

Seeing as this blog is titled "The Ones Who Heard Music", I thought it fitting to repeat here what I posted on my own blog this morning:

an incredible story of a woman (in her 80s) who "heard music" in her head (ostensibly) from her early childhood in Ireland.

Listen to the story here, which aired this morning on NPR (I was blown away!).

(I couldn't NOT post this. Since only a handful of regulars visit my blog, I wanted to show this to a slightly wider group. We are, after all the ones who heard music...

And since a certain someone we all know and love has had similar experiences..... well.... ;-))


Tink said...

This was a wonderful find, Lucy. And I do wonder about PT and his Gabriel. I want to delve deeper into this as well as your post on musicogenic seizure disorder. It's fascinating. The graphic you selected to illustrate is perfect. Nice going!


ROB said...

hmmm...pretty weird stuff. I don't know if I buy into it but anything's possible right?