Saturday, February 7, 2009

** 1993 interview resurrected **

I've resurrected an old NPR interview with Pete, just because......

(wish I'd taken the time to post an old Rockline (holiday encore presentation) interview back in January when it was still live, but alas it's gone now (they only keep them up for 2 weeks)...... Anyway, maybe it'll resurface again one day; it was a really good one! We'll have to keep an eye (ear) out for it to be replayed again maybe next year.

I remember this NPR interview was good too (as I recall, it was a pretty substantial one).

NOTE: you need RealPlayer to listen to it ... which I don't even have installed on my computer right now! So ... I'll leave it to the rest of you.... to ...


P.S. THE NEXT POST WILL BE THE 100th POST! (who wants the honor??)