Monday, August 27, 2007

The Who Fan Club DVD

I just got mine in the mail but haven't watched it yet.

Any one get one and see it yet?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Computer Compatibility Problems and The Laundrettes

[edited from original posting of 8/26]

I'm getting just a little (grrr...) frustrated that I'm still not able to post my 1982 article (yes, it does exist)... (and no I still haven't overcome my network incompatibility (and other) challenges.... so I haven't been able to scan it yet. Hence, no post.

So... to pass the time, I've posted an excerpt from a Washington Post article from the same year. (I hope some of you have had the chance to read the whole thing!)

Townshend, Before He Grows Old
Article available at the link post above.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry I haven't written!

...I've been too busy having a nervous breakdown (and I am only half-joking!).
So. This isn't really a Pete post, more like a "the reason why I haven't written about Pete" post.

The third draft of my novel is due to Random House in six weeks, and I have writer's block, and I have no place to live (which my family calls "homeless" but I call "between places").

The good news is I found a cure for writer's block:
1) my acupuncturist-from-heaven, Charles Mulaly
2) lying on the floor (hopefully an orange shag carpet if you still have one), with a pair of thick circa-1979 headphones on your head, and BLASTING Quadrophenia...particularly The Rock or Love Reign O'er Me. THere is something about the pulsing rhythm of those songs, and the underlying mixture of sorrow, anger, hope, and angst, that reconfigures the rhythm of your own brain, blood, and heart, and you can heave yourself up off the floor feeling kind of okay about things.

It's either this, or lithium.
Does anyone know if Pete or any of our great genuis friends ever took meds?

Yours in befuddlement,
and with love,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now THIS is more like it!

Thank you Sidney, thank you Lucy, c'mon all, let's keep this blog alive and viable, especially in light of Pete freezing his blog as he promised. I'm sure there will be more to come from him, but in all meantimes, we have a blogger place to congregate- here. Invite friends!

If you are just coming to this blog for the first time with the closing of Pete's, please let me know by commenting in this thread so that I don't miss adding you to our *friends* listing.

Blog on!

Pete's Blog

It may be official - We are Frozen!!!!

....or is it just my computer??

Sunday, August 19, 2007

16 inches of makeup on Sesame Street

OK, it looks like it may be another week before I get my 1982 Chicago Sun-Times article scans ready to post (I'm having network incompatibility problems at home).

So ... in the meantime, here's a YouTube gem:


Now -- discuss! (I'll restrain myself... for now...)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

LifeHouse Journey

Well okay then....let us blog on indeed.

I also subscribe to the daily newsletter Odds n Sods and came across a very enlightening comment written by one of the subscribers. Not wishing to plagarise his idea or anything I choose to put it up here in inverted commas so that he still gets the credit (thanks Jack). I thought it a very good description of Lifehouse and where Pete "is at" with the whole thing. I find Pete intellectually spiritual (if that makes sense - somehow the two should really cancel the other out ) but I say this because he always has a deeper sense about everything from rock n roll to theories of war. Here is the Odds n Sods link if anybody is interested. I read it every day even if sometimes I find the commentary a bit "odd" and some comments from a few "sods" quite argumentative but I do glean lots of info. from there: is the comment.

"When I was a Who-freak kid, I used to read articles about Pete and try to figure out what this elusive "Lifehouse" thing with all of this incredible music was supposed to be... it wasn't until after the Lifehouse box, Psychoderelect, etc. and hearing Pete's vision of it reinterpreted by himself a bit differently each time, that I have kind of come to my own conclusion that "Lifehouse" isn't so much a piece of music or a story with a beginning, middle, and end, but more of an ongoing musical journey... Pete Townshend's musical journey specifically, but also the musical journey of anyone else who chooses to take it along with him at any given time, in whatever capacity.
But it isn't just a musical journey... it's Pete Townshend's spiritual travelogue which is reflected outwardly through the music as it evolves... in short, Lifehouse seems to be Pete Townshed's spiritual life as expressed through music which is why he keeps changing it adding to it, etc... as life changes, so does "Lifehouse" which is why it'll never be completed until Pete is...
whew! if all that sounds more than a little pretentious, Pete'll be so proud of me ; )"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well we have 9 contributors...

.. and barely a post!! C'mon people.. let's

Blog on!!!!!

(Sue, you are temporarily excused, glad to hear you are doing so well!!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sue's Continued Progress (from Sujoy)

Friends,Hip Hip Hurrah!!! Sue is going to be discharged tomorrow. She is walking, talking and eating. I cannot tell you how happy we all are....Sorry, did not post a comment for a long time but here is the best one of all. Sue is officially in recovery mode. Yes, this is going to be a long recovery, but I am sure Sue will make the best of it.Sue is struggling with -post-op headaches (may last for several weeks)-fatigue from the smallest amount of exertion-left eye blinking problem-left side facial slackness-and plain boredomSo, this what what we hope will happen in the next few weeks-headaches will slowly fade away-efforts to strengthen herself, will allow her to conquer her fatigue-the doc's will implant a platinum weight inside her eyelid so that it will help her blink-as time goes by her facial nerves will start working again. To start off a physiotherapist will stimulate her face with electrical shocks followed by facial exercises-boredom...hmmmm...blogging? knitting?I still cannot believe that it has been exactly two weeks since we found out about Fred(the tumor)and her marathon operation last Tuesday to get rid of him. This week seemed to last a life time. I am so glad the bloody week is over.Thank you for all the outpouring of love, good wishes, good vibrations and the lovely flowers and e-song. Susan loved the e-song and plays for all the people who come to visit her.Sue plans to do a Sinead; requires a surgeon to do it because of the sutures. Lest see what happens!!
Love you all

Sue, currently uses a cane to walk. But her brain does not want her to walk for too long.She is exhausted after walking for 5 minutes.
6:09 PM

'suesjoy' said...
Friday August 10 2007 at 2:10 AM

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Ones Who Made Music

Received an email from Jordan Whistler (you don't by chance have a famous greatgreatgrandmother who posed for a painting once, do you?) who had the idea to start a blog where musician bloggers from sites like ours and other PT blogger fan sites could gather and put up links of their music to hear. I suggested he make a blog and let us know about it. Follow the link below to see, he did!

Best of luck with the site Jordan, and for the musicians who are interested.. click here: