Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Roger is on Conan Wednesday night (actually Thursday morning)

Hello everyone...
Just a super quick post to all the WHO HEADS on here...
everyone knows now that Pete and Rachel did not come to NY for The Who movie Premiere but my friends Lisa and Jon (who I met at Joe's Pub #2 and who got me into Joe's Pub #3 with their spare ticket) just informed me that our possibly second fave person on the planet, Roger Daltrey, is positively in NY and is going to be on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' on October 31st (but the show airs after Midnight so it is really November 1st)

Conan is on NBC at 12:30 AM Eastern Time for anyone who doesn't know.

Thanks Jon and Lisa for the hot tip!

ROCK ON, everyone. And whoever got to see the NY Premiere please come on and tell us how the movie was!!!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Procrastinate...WHO me???

Well, all you lovelies.
Looky here.
After a mere TWENTY - FIVE YEARS I finally got up the courage to have slides of my first Who show processed! I had to leave my country to finally get the nerve (and common sense) to do it!

I always feared that someone would steal my pics...so I never had the slides processed. BUT!
As luck would have it, I "recovered" these slides while packing for my move abroad to Taipei, Taiwan. I found a dude to process these slides and I had them back ON THE SAME DAY! ALL 12 slides are safe and sound, on top of my bureau right now.

I took these in Worcester, MA in 1982 (the FIRST "farewell tour"). Security confiscated my film, but NOT the camera, which was loaded with a roll of film. Of course these shots were not taken from the front row, as you can see. They are not so hot, but they are speical to me!

I have no idea what Pete was up to when he was "gearing up" to play. Sniffing 4711 maybe? :) Rog and John were really getting fed up, as you can see (or not!!)! Those BOYZ. Whaddya gonna do?
I hope you enjoy them...I saved the best for last. Of course, they are scanned so the quality is not very good. But it's the THOUGHT that counts, right??? :)
Peace and Love,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opinion Poll

So most of us kind of know that the whole Who blogsphere is a titter with the fact that thewho.com and perhaps Pete's blog will be charged a subscription fee of 50 US Dollars for a yearly rate. The "talk" seems to be around whether fans who have dedicated themselves to the various blogs and sites over the years should now be entitled to pay. So I am thinking....what does everybody else think? Does it include or exclude? Is it fair to charge - because let's face it - Pete has given us so much out of his own goodwill and perhaps, this is a way of "giving back" to a good platform. Or is the whole thought of it unnecessary and creates a divide between what the internet and blogs represent - freedom of information - and therefore somewhat unfair in this regard?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye (Original Song)

Check out Gary Stockton's new song!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Special request from Rob...

Hey everyone:
Hope you are all doing well tonight.
I have a special request from Rob to post a link to this very cool myspace page that he has discovered. Rob asks and Rob shall receive. It is a cool site with very thorough coverage and cool photos.

Click on the blogpost title to go there...

and by the way...
here is a special photo for my bud Aaron.
He says this is one of his faves, mine too.
I have it in my living room, get lots of questions about it but I always call it the photo that was in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Executive Producer of Iron

My son had his 10th birthday last week, and one of the gifts I got for him was the animated movie, The Iron Giant (1999). Though it jumped right out at me from a grocery store rack, honestly, when I picked it up, I didn't make the connection right away but suspected it was the same story as The Iron Man (coz ... where've I been all these years? I missed it when it first came out somehow. But as you'll see below, my son says he remembers seeing the movie a few years ago.) Anyway, sure enough, I looked on the back and saw PT, Exec Producer. Cool, I thought. For sure I'm buying it. (My son loves robots and transformers, so... it was sure to be a hit with him too, I thought, smiling to myself).

Here's what my son had to say about getting the DVD for his birthday (he addresses this directly to PT; I told him this isn't Pete's blog, just a fan blog, but he wanted to speak to PT anyway):

"When I first looked at the back of The Iron Giant DVD that I got for my birthday, the biggest coincidence happened to me. I couldn't believe that you were the producer of The Iron Giant. I had seen the movie a few years ago but I didn't even know about you then so I wasn't that surprised back then."

(part of the reason my son was so thrilled is because he wants to be a "movie producer" when he grows up ... wants to go to "film school"... the other reason is, I think he's slowly becoming "a fan"... :-) And yes, it put a huge grin on my son's face to see PT's name on the back of the box. I have to say I was amazed.)

Anyway, he and I watched the movie together. I was surprised how little of a connection I was able to make to PT. The only apparent link to him at all is his name in little letters on the back of the box, under Executive Producer. Otherwise, you'd never know. Needless to say, I was a teeny bit disappointed. Wasn't there going to be some Pete music on this?? The soundtrack music was fine, but a bit soporific. (No PT.) As was the pace of the movie, at least till about 3/4 through. Very cute film though... and nice addition to the PT collection .. of sorts.

Isn't there ANOTHER Iron person film? (I know there's the musical, but is there another film? I've seen a YouTube video of what looks like a clip from a markedly different film (for the song, "A Friend is a Friend") - or was that just a one-off promo video for the song?

I could look all this up, and will continue to be as ignorant as I feel, but it's more fun to make it a group effort. :-)

(p.s. it wasn't my idea to post to this blog -- my son wanted me to do this for him.)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

what would you ask...

So, let's say you are a reporter for Rolling Stone...
and someone says you have a chance to interview Pete and you get all excited.
You get all spiffed up, manicure, pedicure, enema (just jokin') and you buy a new suit or dress, whatever floats your boat. You get a new hairdo and your teeth cleaned. You get a facial. a new recording device and a pencil and paper for backup in case it fails (like it did to some reporter in 2006 and he had to lend him his device). You shine up your camera. You show up at the interview...

What's the one question that has been buggin' you for aeons and you just need to ask?

You are a clever lot and I am sure there are things you want to ask PDBT.



The blog gods have spoken!

This site shall remain open for the duration of all time!!

Or until everyone here picks up their ball and goes home for good! This blog is unfolding just as I hoped it would, each of you contributing things for all of us to comment on, with no one person feeling pressured to keep it going. I personally am absent for chunks of time and have great faith that all who have stepped up to be blogger team members will carry on with competence and kindness. The contributions have been great, the friendship among those here very apparent. I'd only ask that we all continue to watch about copyright violation, both for ourselves and anyone who comes along and comments, and keep remembering a few words once written by our man PT-

A friend is a friend
Nothing can change that
Arguments, squabbles
Can't break the contract
That each of you makes
To the death, to the end
Deliver your future
Into the hands of your friend

Blog on!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Future

So what do we 'ones' do when Pete's Wire goes live.....are we closing up the doors and turning off the lights here until Pete goes into hiding again?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pete's new blog

Check out Rachel's blog...she brings clarity to the blog issue. Pete's going to have a new one.