Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hi everyone,

As you probably all know that THE WHO will be touring in the US in 2008. Tickets go on sale July 14th for WHO members in California. If you are east coast the boston show is going to be Oct. 24th. Hope to see you some of you in the east and the west enjoy the shows.





ROB said...

Pretty Cool huh AJ? Hopefully they'll add a show in Orange County, CA. I don't really want to drive to L.A. and the venue they are playing at there (the Nokia Center) is supposedly a lousy place.

grace said...

Long Live Rock!!

I hope all Wholigans can attend :)


Lucy said...

I plan to go to the Detroit show.


My HUSBAND might even go with me!!

Hope to get a good spot this time. Last time I was a nosebleeder (in Indy).

Now ... I wish they'd consider playing in or near New Orleans. I'll just request it. ;-)

Suesjoy said...

Sorry...can't get excited.
Sour grapes because they are IGNORING ME in Taiwan.


Suesjoy said...

And NO I am not going to hop on a plane and go to's sold out anyway.
Why won't they play in Taiwan?
Where is their sense of adventure?

Suesjoy said...

Ok I am just joshing OF COURSE...and actually I am SO MUCH MORE EXCITED ABOUT SEEING ASH than seeing the same old Who stuff again, honest.

OK that still sounds a TEENY TINY bit like sour grapes!


Lucy said...

Now, now... Sue! Who's met Pete and Rachel a few times already? hmmm??? ;-)

Seriously, I totally understand. The more you have the more you WANT! LOL

I'm hoping Detroit works out for me in the best possible way. Fingers crossed. My husband's (supposedly) on the case. And I do hope I get to meet some other fans in Detroit. Somehow...

- L. (p.s. I'm jealous of your ASH trip.)

Lucy said...

P.S. Aaron, meant to tell you you were cool to post this entry. I'd be honored to meet you one day too.

MargieCM said...

Sue, I'm with you. No Australia this time either. And I've only ever seen them live once!

I shall enjoy it all vicariously through the delight of others. My goodness I'm generous.