Friday, August 29, 2008

The Boy Who Heard Music ... (revisited)

..... also known as .... TBWHM ....

(originally published on the internet 2005-06)

[fully readable below]

(wonder if Pete drew this? ;-))


[1] Prologue - The Note

[2] In the Ether

[3] I Heard Music

[4] I Heard Voices

[5] I Could Fly

]6] Ikapikapoo

[7] What is Art?

[8] The Mirror Door

[9] The 36 Dramatic Situations

[10] Trilby's Piano

[11] Only One Hymie

[12] Fragments

[13] The Glass Household

[14] The Method

[15] Driving

[16] Alcohol and Pregnancy

[17] An Answer to Job

[18] Birthday Treat

[19] Men Called Uncle

[20] I Love U2

[21] A Concert for New York

[22] Colegno

[23] The Black Hole

Just thought I'd post this for your reading (downloading) pleasure... since I only recently discovered the wonders of "sendspace"!


Suesjoy said...

Thank you Eternal Lucy!!!

Love ya!

Lucy said...

I may go to the trouble to put these back up again one day. (They evaporated up into the ether....)