Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have fun with this one

~~~~~~ Memories ~~~~~~

What is your favorite memory of that blogging experience? I loved it when all his labels turned German, then switched back to English. I think that happened twice.


Lucy said...


in a wistful sort of way....


ROB said...

You mean Pete's old blog Right Lucy? favorite time was when I pissed off Pete (not purposely) after reading how he crashed like 2 or 3 cars in one weekend and I asked him what he was on and why driving was such a tough thing for him to manage. He verbally abused me a bit if I recall correctly, but hey...that was the only time I ever got a direct response to any questions or comments I made so I kind of dug it.

Lucy said...

Hey Rob. Thanks for that memory! I don't remember that.

AMOF, I've wracked my wrist (on the mouse) just now, trying to find it. Can you find where you pissed Pete off? This is the blog post (Sunbeams 3 - Arabs and Miniskirts) where he spoke of flipping his car, but I don't see anything further about it in the comments. Maybe you commented on it after a later post?

Anyway, glad that thread's still there! Pete was SOOO talkative in the comments of this post. So much fun.

I miss him.

And everyone.

grace said...

I commented about Pete flipping his car, I remeber that, I had not long ago at that post flipped my car, avoiding someone driving on the wrong side of the road. missed you making him mad and Pete responding. He likes that kind of thing!!He likes being stirred up!!
I remember being the first to post on one of his blog entries...ooh wow, not so great, but was exciting for me :)
I just remember him having a blog, that was memorable...maybe again some day. ?

Lucy said...

Hey Grace -- I found a printout lying around my house today from this blog -- with your comment about you flipping your car! If you want, I can retype it for you here.

But for some reason it cut off after that and I never did see any response from PO'd response from Pete as Rob mentioned. I'm trying hard to remember it, but can't.

Anyway, just thought it was funny I found that today!

(Horrible about you flipping the car though, yikes! How scary, but how lucky you were.)

Lucy said...


(apparently I'm in a sloppy frame of mind -- it's past midnight, can't type!)

grace said...

you found that, huh Lucy? wow. No you hold onto it, maybe I'll ask you in the future. :)

grace said...

you know I didn't know, (I checked out that link you posted up above) we could still get to his blog

ROB said...

I have no idea where that comment would be Lucy. I was one of 600 or so comments and I just remember him not liking my sarcastic, smart ass question much. Are you saying that his blog is still around somewhere to read? I thought it was totally deleted.

ROB said...

Oh I see. You printed it out...That's pretty hardcore Lucy. LOL! I wouldn't have thought to print out all that stuff. Too cool!

ROB said...

Wait...Now I went to the link you put Lucy. his old blog is still there to read. I actually scrolled through the entire we all commented a lot on there didn't we. I said some pretty damn funny stuff back then too. I was crackin' myself up. LOL! I don't think this was the post I was talking about though, It wasn't about him crashing a was about him crashing a van or something like 3 times in a weekend while driving the band from gig to gig on like a mini tour of England.

Lucy said...

That's great Rob. Yeah, I think it might have been another chapter.

Darn! I tried putting the archived web page through the dialectizer but it didn't work -- came out gibberish.

But you can put text thru it. For a cheap laugh! :-)

Lucy said...

Sunbeams 3 - Arab and Miniskirts

De battle wid Shel wuz about t'be settled in court, we knowed de court would favour Shel’s arguments t'our own, simply cuz' afta' all he had some bindin', signed and legal contract wid Kit and Chris. Klein wants'ed t'have anoda' meetin' wid me, so's on 27d June ah' went back t'New Yo'k once mo'e wid our lawya' Edward Oldman. 'S coo', bro. De meetin' wuz on some chartered moto' yacht dat sailed around Manhattan as we listened t'Barry Mann’s latest demos (and some by de fledglin' Barry Manilow) and oda' beats Klein controlled. Anoda' uneasy overnight flight crib, and da damn build down uh frustrashun and tiredness started t'eat into me. As soon as ah' landed ah' drove some recently acquired secondhand Jaguar XK150 spo'ts wheels Speedy delivered t'de airpo't down t'a Who gig in Sheffield, fo'gettin' how far it wuz, and when ah' arrived at about 10.00 pm de rest uh de band had given down on me and left fo' crib. ah' turned around and haided crib mah'self. ah' hadn’t fed da bud o' slept fo' hours and fell asleep at da damn wheel. ah' woke down, downside waaay down in some ditch, in mah' full racin' rollr safety harness wid petrol drippin' on mah' face, and some honky pigs offica' ax'in' me if ah' wuz Coo'. ah' gave da damn bustwaaay down joker my Rickenbacka' 12 chittlin' as collateral fo' pullin' me out uh de ditch.

Lop some boogie. Mah' trip t'New Yo'k and Klein’s obvious interest made it clear dat we would bust America in some matta' of time. But we knowed nodin' uh de punitive settlement Kit had had t'make wid Shel in o'da' to keep control uh de band. De summa' dragged on, lots uh shows, de band’s antics on stage becomin' some parody uh auto-destrucshun, wid smoke, flashes, even Keid runnin' t'de front uh stage wid some whip and some shaken blonde actress in some leada' outfit durin' de finale at da damn Windso' Jazz and Blues Festival at da damn end uh July. Slap mah fro! On 1st August we reco'ded I’m A Boy and Disguises, Kit Lambert in de producer’s chair at last. Man!

I used t'know everydin' about ya'
But today when ah' tried t'point ya' out
To one uh my homeys
I picked da damn wrong goat again
Don’t see ya' in de crowd any mo'e
I dink it’s ya', but ah' can’t be sho' man
You's’re wearin' disguises
Occasionally some goat surprises me
When she turns out t'be ya'
Wearin' disguises.

If Substitute wuz about some boy’s identity crisis, Disguises wuz its opposite, dig dis: about goats who is hard t'pin waaay down. Kit wuz some joy t'wo'k wid; he made reco'din' fun fo' de fust time and wuz always lookin' fo' new effects. Also, he seemed t'be reco'din' some mo'e beatal sound. I’m not sho' man how we all felt about it; Roga' and ah' certainly still felt tied t'de bluff, tough sound we had developed in de front line uh Who live gigs.

While I’m A Boy wuz bein' prepared fo' release as de new raple, some tax' dat took some mere two weeks in dose days, we all took some holiday. Slap mah fro! ah' wants'ed guaranteed sunshine. ah' took mah' Dolly Bird t'Caesarea in Israel. Ha' extreme miniskirts wuz some novelty and attracted some lot uh interest, especially fum de Arabs, several uh whom ah' had t'literally fight off t'stop dem assaultin' her. Ah be baaad... De atmosphere wuz tense, especially in Jerusalem. WORD! When ah' gots crib ah' began t'ax' sucka's ah' dought might know, whut wuz goin' on in Israel. It quickly became clear dat sump'n awful wuz in de wind. One uh my advisers moved fum rappin' about da damn growin' tension between Israel and Egypt, t'de emergent communist dreat fum China, some country wid some populashun growin' so's fast – he said – dat dey would soon dominate da damn entire planet. Man! From dis came mah' idea fo' mah' fust opuh' – which lata' became titled Rael. Briefly de plot deals wid Israel bein' overrun by Red China. WORD! Ova' de next year ah' developed da damn sto'y, and quite seriously planned t'complete it as some majo' full-lengd drough-composed opuh'tic composishun outside mah' wo'k fo' de Who, even it took some lifetime.

[Should I delete this? Was this too 7th Grade of me?] [LOL!]

ROB said...

Naw...don't delete it Lucy...7th grade was a good year! It's very tough to read though. I got a headache half way through the first paragraph! LOL!
Neat stuff though.