Friday, April 24, 2009

"That's not what I said at all!"

I love this. First of all, that hand that reaches in at about 32 seconds and is then swiped away. And Pete's understanding the German and disputing what the reporter said. (She said that he said it would great if he and the whole band went on tour: "That's not what I said at all!")

Then how Pete apparently feels bad for telling the reporter "wanna translate that?" and so he lovingly pats her on the back in a conciliatory fashion. And finally how he gets sort of awkwardly bored and distracted-looking as the one reporter continues in German. LOL

So cute.


Tink said...

lol ... haven't been by in a while! How's everyone??? Don't you just miss Pete like crazy?? I do.

So, is this the 100th post, Eternal Lucy?

CONGRATULATIONS. You've won my undying admiration! :o)


Lucy said...

Actually this was the 101st post. (Even cooler!)

Yeah. Yeah. (sigh). :-)

-another Pete misser.

Suesjoy said...

ha ha ha ha!
Lucy is this true???
Or was he just having fun with her?

ta for posting this.


So how shall we all celebrate his birthday?

Let's make him a video card!
We can send it to Rach...she won't mind forwarding it.

He's going to be 64 so we can all sing a line from "When I'm 64!!!"

or is that too cheesy?


Suesjoy said...

But it just shows to go ya :)

Pete makes the ladies um...forget how to SPEAK in their own language!

(although she was trying to speak Francais aussi!).

He was SOOOO happy there. That was a good year for him...around the time White City came

Suesjoy said...

When Pete is older
Losing his hair
Like he has right now{aw........}

He will wear cool Jazz (surfer?) hats when he performs...


Ok that's all I got.....

I have already enlisted Delbut.
Let's see if he is game...


Lucy said...

OK, Sue. I'm game!

(but how do you do a video card? technically-wise?)


We MUST do something for his birthday. Even though he hates it.

Lucy said...

P.S. He was just having fun with her (but I think he also sorta half meant it!) (coz she DID sorta contradict what he had just said, and he DOES understand some German).


I LOVE how he later pats her on the back lovingly. (after he had been slightly smart with her) He's such a caring sweetie.

Such a loveable goof.

Suesjoy said...

He really is a sweetie.
I have been mulling over lyrics...but of course they are corny as can be!

Oh we'll have to get Lucy M or Gary to somehow edit snippets of all of us singing.
I don't have the technical know how,but they do!

Lucy said...

Give us some lyrics Sue!
Birthday's gettin' close.


ROB said...

Cool little video Lucy.
as far as his birthday goes...I already named my dog after him, isn't that enough? LOL!

Lucy said...

That's true, Rob! haha

Hey Sue (and all) -- check out the previous post again (the Tom Wright one). I added the funny New Orleans bar story!