Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pete Heaven (for those suffering Pete withdrawal)

Part 1" magic organ..."

Part 2"don't TOUCH THAT!"

Part 3"poor me, poor me, poor me, poor me..."

Part 4"It looked like a SMUDGE!"

Part 5"They've been chewing up my furniture..."

Part 6"a bit panic-stricken"

Part 7"..Yes, we KNOW, Pete...."

Part 8"... he's dreaming up... some mad scheme..."


grace said...

Thanks for filling that Pete withdrawal empty spot or a! lol

Lucy said...

yer wellcome. :-)

I miss Pete like mad. I hope he's well and happy these days.

Can't WAIT to find out what he's been workin on!

Lucy said...

Just realized I posted this (perhaps unfortunately) on poor John Entwistle's anniversary of passing.... :-( years ago....

(But I wonder if HE misses Pete too! :-) (let's hope not)

ROB said...

Looks like I got me some videos to watch:)

Tink said...

Wow! Thanks so much Lucy. These are just wonderful. Yep, needed a PT fix. :o) Loved how you chose different colors for the video frames. Nice touch.

#1 ... loved the close-up of the marker-colored wood grain patterns.

#2 ... "Pete finally arrives.." lol (loved the gold/platinum records lining the studio walls)

#3 ... What a nice "Cup 'o picks" close-up there! (What I wouldn't give for one to make into a necklace.) :o)

#4 ... Nice video effect or Rabbit fading into Pete's eye. That was very cool.

#5 ... Peanut and Sally. What can I say? (My nickname for Ben is Peanut) :o)

#6 ... I haven't heard Join Together in ages. It was fantastic. (Jeez, Pete ... as if we wouldn't be appreciative?) Just like a parent. lol

#7 ... "Some people say ... I explain myself too much. "Let me explain ..." LOL! "Hello Sally!" .. that was so precious.

#8 ... Man! That was a fantastic clip of the orchestra. What great arrangements.

Happy 4th!

Lucy said...

Hey Tink. Yeah the colored wood grains -- funny! So ... random. (as my daughter would say)

One of my favorite bits is: "I didn't sleep very well last night" -- he sounds so WHINY! (whingy?) (but ADORABLE)

And Sally and Peanut. Once again... adorable! (Yet it cracks me up that even with "friends looking after" the dogs, they still managed to crap all over the place).

BlackVelvetLace said...

Lucy, these are great. I haven't visisted in so long. How are you? How is everyone??