Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love every minute of it!*

This is such a lovely, honest, intimate and gentle interview with Pete. Such a deep heart. And the one-to-one over-the-phone aspect of it makes it feel so personal to listen to, like you're right there. Very sweet and insightful, probably the best I've heard. It really tugs at my heart, right and left.

1) What a strange opener question. Pete's answer is interesting. I think they're talking about this image. I love his honesty and sweetness!

2)"it's the end ... of what I used to do." :( He sounds so sad here. :( But he sounds happy about the end of the effing videos and the huge effing football stadiums! Funny, honest Pete. "I find the world just too big" awwwww Melts my heart.

NOT very GOOD at the PIANO!?


3) Awww... he freaked at the 150,000 people. GOD, I wish I hadn't missed this. Where the hell was I???? Awww!... "I don't want to cheat people".... :) A story called "Stella" ???
Oh, and he mentions Trilby's Piano. :) awwww....
"I'm not a fan of movies, I'm afraid... the composer's art is a higher art than the film director's art." I would tend to agree (not that I know anything!)
He never seems to enjoy anything! Awww... poor Pete.

4) my favorite part of this segment is hearing Pete say words like, "Alladin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King" :D I dunno, it just cracks me up. Probably coz I'm an ex Disney cast member. "The characters keep bursting into song. You can't do that in movies anymore." He's so right about that! So FUNNY!

5) "felt like a bit of an imposter... didn't feel entirely comfortable." I love Pete's honesty. The cross-pollination of our music worlds is certainly cool though. Then Pete's using the inner recognition of the music and using it for the mod movement. He used it for a real purpose. "You can be ordinary ... but you can also be special... even if you're a very simple soul." Love that. Found himself by losing himself. There's a lot of the song, "I'm One" in this. Congregation of like-minded spirits. :)

6) "My Generation was a very, very skillful bit of songwriting." Indeed. :) I didn't realize Pete had to throw some Beach Boys in just to please Keith Moon. haha. So accomodating. :) "Young is what the heart is... what the soul is." Right, Pete. :) xoxo

*unlike Pete, who "hated every second of being in The Who".


Eggsalad Annie said...

Thank you Lucy! I'm through part 2and will have to finish later.

Liked the Ironman mention. :o)

Lucy said...

P.S. Meant to say: why can't people ever get his name right??


grace said...

thanks Lucy.
I have not watched all of them yet.

Amanda and SuperAmanda™ said...

I love this blog!!! I have so much to see and know I'll be very happy here! Thanks

Lucy said...

Aw, nice to see you here, Amanda. :)

You should be a member!