Sunday, January 13, 2008

So where is everyone now?

Happy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to check in and say hi. Would you believe I still haven't found an extra $50 to join Pete's blog site? It's one of my new year's resolutions. That, and visit the dentist.

I hate not knowing what Pete is up to. I find him very grounding--know what I mean? I can't quite describe what he grounds me to....perhaps simply to my teenage self, who liked to smoke pot and feel Pete's chords surging through my blood stream :)

Anyway, if there is any spectacular news that non-members might like to hear (ie The Man shows up at Joe's Pub again), could you let us know on this site? Or is that non-ethical?

Love and glad tidings to all.



BallerinaGurl said...
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BallerinaGurl said...

oops that was me...

Hi Lee- posted a comment below regarding hosting another chat for old times sake, requested by the one and only Swho!

For me and in answer to this blog post....I am busy looking for housing as we might move soon. It was unplanned and sudden but great blessings in all categories would come of it. A bit depressing as I was building my dreamhome here in my current state so we will see what unfolds ahead. I must say it would bring more travel to my life, which I do a lot of already but desire even more now that my child is out of diapers LOL!

Another Attic Jam would be fun to attend, especially if Swho is there! MY treat this time!


Mike S said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for stopping on by.
I was wondering to myself
about the piece of paper
that Pete was holding as
well.I thought it might
have lyrics from LMLOTD
incase he suffered a
memory lapse since the
show was live at the
time.Just a guess.

Pick up Brian Wilson's
SMILE, it'll make you, :)

Lucy said...

I like the pic you posted, Lee. :-)

I know what you mean -- I feel lost w/out Pete (do you think we treat him too much like a god?).

But don't worry -- I only just signed up to the Who site a week ago myself and you're not missing much. If anything big happened, we'd surely post it here!

Hi Mike -- yeah. About that piece of paper. Perhaps it was more of a prop? Like making a statement about praying? A prayer on a sheet of paper? OTOH, like you say, maybe it WAS a cheat sheet. :-) Which would be totally understandable.

- L.

ROB said...

I'll bet the piece of paper had some chick's phone # on it. Probably Lin or one of you other girls slipped it to him backstage right before he went on. That's my guess anyhow.

Lucy said...

What a great idea Rob! :-)

Suesjoy said...

Yup it was MY number.

Yeah a chat sounds great Molls.
I am half way across the world so the time change will be rough, but I'll deal!

Oh Hi LEE!
sorry...didn't mean to forget you. You have some interesting blogs - I definitely want to read your book!

I think the new who site is worth $50 - for the AMAZING pics alone!

Happy New Year to you-

Suesjoy said...

Oh and as far as news...well, Pete and Rog are cooking up SOMETHING!
that's about all the news...really!

JWhis said...

For those that read this, I set up for all us Pete fans, and VOIP server (teamspeak) at It'll just be running forever, so if you want to chat, drop by. For those who have no clue what I'm talking about just go here to get it. Very easy install etc, just thought talking might be more fun than reading all these messages all the time (sorry I don't post much).

Lucy said...

I'm gonna check out teamspeak. Thanks!

Lin-no-da said...

UR2Funny, Rob...
PEte just smiles and would absolutely never call me even if I was on my make-a-wish last wish of my life, I am sure of it! He just considers me another loopy fan..

thanks for the laugh though, as usual...

I have to go back and re-read all these comments because I must have missed the slip of paper comment that everyone is commenting about, I have been sick today fighting off vomiting so my eyes are not fully open and I can't sit upright too long

Ciao for Now

Mike S said...

>>>this song melts me every time, very spiritual and gets me through some rough stuff again and again<<<

Thanks for stopping by Lin.
So true your words,I've been
over-worked and really stressed
lately,but it's Pete's music
and words that helps me get
by everytime.Nice to see the
Meher Baba,great timing.

Hope you are feeling better.

Mike S said...

I'm confused,lol.

Who's blog is this?

Lin, Lucy or Lee?

Mike S said...

Nevermind, I see that you girls
are team members.

I like that idea.

grace said...

Happy New Year!

I am confused too Mike!!

Lucy said...

Funny how discombobulated blog discussions become when we reply to invisible conversations from other blogs.

Discomblogulated. A new term.

-from one of the 3 L's)

(P.S. Sorry you're feeling badly, Lin.. any better today? I hope?)

MargieCM said...

Hello people, sorry it's been so long since I visited - I've been away for a month.

I signed up for the Who membership a while ago. I see Pete's blog has been quiet since Christmas, and I too was sorry to see the Intravision site go. I've just signed to Rachel's forum so might see some of you over there. Just wainting for my verification email. It's quiet in blogland these days though.

Hans said...

It's all quiet on the Eastern Front as well :) Only me and Maria aka El-Wisty trying to keep up the Who-spirit here.
Keep the good stuff going!

Lucy said...

I'm still here too (not surprisingly) and feeling a little wistful about the lonesomeness of Blogland lately... (yet this is allowing me to get some other things done)... (or so I kid myself!)

Lucy said...

Seeing as Baba's picture graces this post, I want to add that I've been reading Baba lately: The God-Man and God Speaks. It's been a help .. quieting this disquiet soul of mine!