Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pete's Responses to fans on The Who site


How is everyone?

What are your thoughts, comments, concerns, and gripes on Pete's response to the fans questions on The Who site.



Dale said...

Unfortunately, I haven't the wherewithall to join Pete's Who site.
Were his responses in typical Pete fashion?

Sidney said...

Would be very interested to know what is happening. Have not registered but very curious. Tell us more.

ROB said...

I had no problem with anything Pete daid in the interview. He was totally open and honest and well thought out. Some of his answers weren't the one's I'd hoped to hear, such as his thoughts on including the rest of the band more in the recording process, etc. of the last CD or future projects, but he's entiteled to do things his way after all.

ROB said...

Make that entitled. Sorry!

MargieCM said...

hi All,

I've only read it through once, and keep meaning to sit down and re-read, but I thought it was full of interesting responses to some very good questions. There was an especially interesting response to a question about playing lesser known songs live, and some insightful points about not being prepared to do scaled-down concerts where Pete may appear as Roger's accompanist. Also some lovely but sad words about "In the Attic". (Great to do; made wonderful friends and the road shows prevented him dying from boredom, but as he has now closed down Oceanic studios the facility for 24-hour streaming is no longer available so it's unlikely to continue.)

It's an 18-page feature though, so there's a great deal of material there, and I don't want to tread on any toes by disseminating it naughtily beyond its rightful place.

I really like it when Pete does these email interviews though - you know that he can think about his responses, word them carefully if he chooses, and also largely pick the questions he finds interesting enough to respond to. It allows for a much deeper insight and more thoughtful responses than an off-the-cuff interview.

Any use?

Suesjoy said...

I am beside myself that he had to close Oceanic!

So very sad.

Hopefully it's a temporary thing.

It was well done - I am going to read it again too Margie!
Very lengthy.

I liked my question...but it didn't get chosen. Oh well...

MargieCM said...

What was your question Sue? I'm sure we can make up a lovely answer for you, even if it's not strictly authorised. I promise to add a disclaimer.

grace said...

They were great responses from Pete. Wonderful questions. Wish he had had time to answer all of our questions, but that is ok, lucky he took the time he did. Rlee selected good questions. Not mine though lol

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy Pete keeps responding to any and all questions. He did answer one of mine regarding the PR/marketing efforts of Endless Wire.

Hope all is well. I've been a bad blogger but I'm trying to pick it up in March.


Sidney said...

Does anybody have transcripts of the questions and answers? Would LOVE to see.

Lucy said...

hi Sidney,

Do you have an invite-only blog?

- Lucy.

grace said...


I have switched my blog over to invite only, and I do not want to leave any of you out, so...if u drop by and can't get in, bloggrace@hotmail.com is my e mail.