Thursday, March 20, 2008

"The Ballet is Coming..."

Typical. :-)

That's why we love him.

OK... that wasn't enough, was it .... so how about a "twofer"!
(Since it's been so long since we've had fresh postage here)

(This was too good to keep to myself.)

Did anyone here attend Woodstock '98? What was that little inside joke the band were doubled-over laughing at? Something about Nietzsche? (did I spell that right? ;-))


Lin-no-da said...

Nice find, Lucia...
I did not go to Woodstock '98, too busy working overtime back then...

I enjoy these little miscellaneous tidbits...
and Pete can always make me laugh when he is in that lighthearted jokey mood & making fun of Roger who is not there to defend...

love it!

Suesjoy said...

Love zee ballet move - and Now and Then is such a gorgeous song.
What show was this Lucy? Did it say on YouTube.
Yeah I wonder what the inside joke was all about!

Thanks for sharing!
(Ok you can tell I teach wee ones, huh?).


Dale said...

Back to nature?

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Fucking brilliant...

Thanks Lucy...

Who's the gal palying guitar?


grace said...

I was not there.
But what an awesome clip and discovery. whoohoo! I looove that song. I was in the audience of a Psychoderilct performance and to me was so fantastic.

Pete is so awesome. so charismatic, so hypnotic. Nice post. xox

Suesjoy said...

Yeah who was that woman playing guitar?
Anyone know??

I saw the Psychoderelict show too but the "AV" equipment broke down (it was in Mass.).
Pete had a proverbial artist's tantrum - then he just played whatever he wanted.
He did a nice Bruce imitation!
I remember that.

Lucy said...

Wow, Sue. You were quite privileged to see Pete in tantrum-mode. LOL

I have yet to hear him in Bruce mode. (I heard there's a song he did once in imitation of Bruce -- what was it? Never heard it though)

Lucy said...

Tracy (something or other).

(the one playing guitar)

ROB said...

Nice find Lucy! Cool tune. I always thought Pete's voice sounded great on that tune. The backing vocals are a bit on the gay side but Pete's howling vocals make up for it.