Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19

Looks like I'm the only one left living here. :-)

Here's a pic of Pete I love. It's my current computer monitor wallpaper. Looks great huge!

Happy Birthday, dear Pete.


grace said...

Happy Birthday Pete!

here's to a happy, peaceful musical year! xo

Tink said...

Awww ... great photo! I left a b-day message over on the Who site. I check every so often here! Thanks for keeping it going even when our visits are few and far between.

xo Tink

TedMaloney said...

I am here sometimes. Hello to all.


Lucy said...

Thanks guys for dropping by! I'm sure it meant a lot to Pete.


(meant a lot to me, more like!)

(p.s. saw your Who's Birthday Is It card over at the site, tink -- very cute! Bet he liked it)

ROB said...

You are not alone Lucy!

Suesjoy said...

well,i must've missed this one!
i kept checking for a post on pete's bday!

i know......swho is terribly lazy.


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