Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who Are You?

Music is from Roger Daltrey's Celebration of the Music of Pete Townshend CD. Pete guests on this song. Who'da guessed?

Anyway, I highly recommend the CD (or DVD). It rocks! (as you can tell)

You won't find this on YouTube; I made it myself just for TOWHM. Hope you like it!


grace said...

Bravo Lucy! Good find again.

Lucy said...

Thanks Grace; I threw it together just for this blog here!

Oh and in the first slide, I LOVE that line of Pete's that appears on the chalkboard -- that's not in the song OR the video ("Keep on Working"):

"Why don't you ever take any notice of me?"

hahaha! Cute. (almost slips by one, unless you look twice!)

Tink said...

WOW! Love the photo you ended with. Beautiful. I couldn't stop laughing at the outfit at 2:19. lol So psychedelic, outrageous!

Nice job, Miss Eternal Lucy ;o)

Anonymous said...

I actually went to the Celebration of the Music Of Pete Townshend show that Roger did at the Greek Theatre. They played with the L.A. Philharmonic and it was amazing.