Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry I haven't written!

...I've been too busy having a nervous breakdown (and I am only half-joking!).
So. This isn't really a Pete post, more like a "the reason why I haven't written about Pete" post.

The third draft of my novel is due to Random House in six weeks, and I have writer's block, and I have no place to live (which my family calls "homeless" but I call "between places").

The good news is I found a cure for writer's block:
1) my acupuncturist-from-heaven, Charles Mulaly
2) lying on the floor (hopefully an orange shag carpet if you still have one), with a pair of thick circa-1979 headphones on your head, and BLASTING Quadrophenia...particularly The Rock or Love Reign O'er Me. THere is something about the pulsing rhythm of those songs, and the underlying mixture of sorrow, anger, hope, and angst, that reconfigures the rhythm of your own brain, blood, and heart, and you can heave yourself up off the floor feeling kind of okay about things.

It's either this, or lithium.
Does anyone know if Pete or any of our great genuis friends ever took meds?

Yours in befuddlement,
and with love,


Lucy said...

Hi Lee...

Sorry to hear about your block. Does exercising or getting out in the fresh air (the park, the woods), get your brain sparked again? Or does only Sparks work?

I've had worse than writer's block. I've had pure, disgusting, uninspired laziness. I've been in a children's writing course the last 2 years and the closer I get to the conclusion of it, the more I'm slowing down.... it's as if I don't want to finish now! That's how I often am with novels. I get to the last chapter, or the last few pages, and for some reason I quit and never finish it. Even if I like the book!

Congrats though, on getting as far as a third draft... me, I always need a deadline -- it's very motivating. Otherwise, I'm just... blahh...

Good luck and give us an update soon! Can you tell us anything about the book in the meantime??

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Ok, Lucy I now know what will motivate your talent here. You've a deadline! It is to post an entry by this time next week. It may be of the scanned photos, an *interview* with one of our famed (Rachel/Pete/Simon/Mikey) or a commentary on the WHO.

Now, get ready to.. blog on!

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Lee, hope your writers block lifts without the use of lithium :D

Good to see you back and posting, you are moving?

Can't wait to hear of your new novel up and coming.

Blog on!

Lucy said...

An INTERVIEW with Pete? Really??!

;-) OK, I'll get right on it.

No, seriously. I expect to post my Chicago Sun TImes article today or tomorrow. Problem is, I'm relying on help from my husband... I need to use HIS computer to do the scanning. Mine's incompatible with the scanner at the moment. So that's what the holdup has been.


The Ones Who Heard Music said...

An INTERVIEW with Pete? Really??! ;-) OK, I'll get right on it.

Why not? You've got the ability to connect with him (through his blog). Maybe he'd give you one??!! WHO knows?? ;)

Blog on!

Lucy said...

Why not? You've got the ability to connect with him (through his blog).

WHAT blog? LOL

Oh, btw, who are YOU? LOL (we've never actually met)

I'm totally kidding... I hope you realize.... :-)

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

WHAT blog? LOL

Erm.. myspace? :D

Lee Harrington said...

Hi Lucy and everyone:

I actually saw a shaman and an acupuncturist. Both helped unfog my brain! Meds terrify me.

I'll tell you all about the novel when it is finished. The title is NOTHING KEEPS A FRENCHMAN FROM HIS LUNCH and it will be published by Random House next August (assuming I finish it :)
It's about, among other things, heartbreak.
I mentioned Pete in my latest book (REX AND THE CITY). I should write a little blog about that.....

Love to everyone. It is a gorgeous day here in New York.

Lucy said...

Hi Lee,

Wonderful about mentioning Pete in your Rex book. Yes, do blog about it! :-)

And OWHM... um ... what MySpace? Isn't it fake? (fake it, fake it, I can't take it!)

- L. (or E.L.)

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

And OWHM... um ... what MySpace? Isn't it fake?

I shall email you....

Blog on!

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Have I mentioned I really like that picture?