Sunday, August 19, 2007

16 inches of makeup on Sesame Street

OK, it looks like it may be another week before I get my 1982 Chicago Sun-Times article scans ready to post (I'm having network incompatibility problems at home).

So ... in the meantime, here's a YouTube gem:


Now -- discuss! (I'll restrain myself... for now...)


ROB said...

It's a sad day. I just went to Pete's blog and found it completely blank. I guess all good things must come to an end.

Lucy said...

Aw, it is a sad day... but didn’t we expect Pete to delete his blog about a month ago? ;-)

Now here’s what I find so HILARIOUS about the above clip.

1) Pete’s squirming in his seat like a little kid. Cute!!!

2) the extent of the news to the press is about being banana-colored

3) he just wants to go back to bed

4) his post-joke self-satisfied little grin (ADORABLE!!!!)

5) the fact that the setting looks like the Sesame Street set is a bonus!!

This is one of the funniest Who clips I’ve EVER seen.

(oh.. and "16 inches of makeup..." how creative!! LOL )

oops, hope I didn't cover all the topics!

Lucy said...

P.S. Rob...

Don't be sad. We still have this place...

(gettin' DOWN with some funky Jean Roussel music at the moment...)

Tink said...

Yes. Even tho we KNEW it was going to happen, it was still a little shocking to see the BLANK page. and his profile is pared way down too. :o(

Man, this video had me giggling like a kid, which is EXACTLY how the four of them looked. All squirms and grins and giggles. And what is up with that table of fruit???? That was so weird. lol Truly Muppet-y ish .. The cutest part was when the announcer of emcee or whoever was speaking said to Pete "Yes! that's fine, excellent" .. i don't remember the exact words, but Pete just looked completely proud of himself - a little puffy and sweet - just as a kid would look. It was very adorable. The pale to banana yellow comment was a little classic moment of har-har what with the LARGE banana bowl in front of him. Great find!

Lucy said...

Pete just looked completely proud of himself - a little puffy and sweet - just as a kid would look. It was very adorable.


Just before they asked him to talk he was probably frantically trying to come up with a joke... saw the bananas... and well, the rest is YouTube history. LOL! (like when you're trying to think up a password, and you look all around for an idea. OK, um.... table!

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Great clip Lucy, UTube rocks.

Lucy said...

P.S. The "nice sunny day" -- looks pretty overcast to me...

OK, so that makes at least 6 hilarious points in a 45 second clip!

And again his expression at the very end -- it's like one of "whew! I made it. I made a statement! And it was pretty funny!"

My God he's funny.

MargieCM said...

The fruit - do you think the Who had a rider for this appearance?

"Enough fruit to put Carmen Miranda in a neck brace, and because it's being done on the Sesame Street set, all alcoholic beverages to be disguised as jugs of red and green cordial".

Lucy said...

I was reading the chapter on Pete in Rock Lives when I came across this sentence. There was something oddly familiar about it.

We even see it now with the ecology, people being told they can't live without food that isn't wrapped in sixteen layers of manufactured plastics.


Is that a British-ism or a Pete-ism? Coz after all, Monty Python had their 16-ton weight.