Thursday, August 16, 2007

LifeHouse Journey

Well okay then....let us blog on indeed.

I also subscribe to the daily newsletter Odds n Sods and came across a very enlightening comment written by one of the subscribers. Not wishing to plagarise his idea or anything I choose to put it up here in inverted commas so that he still gets the credit (thanks Jack). I thought it a very good description of Lifehouse and where Pete "is at" with the whole thing. I find Pete intellectually spiritual (if that makes sense - somehow the two should really cancel the other out ) but I say this because he always has a deeper sense about everything from rock n roll to theories of war. Here is the Odds n Sods link if anybody is interested. I read it every day even if sometimes I find the commentary a bit "odd" and some comments from a few "sods" quite argumentative but I do glean lots of info. from there: is the comment.

"When I was a Who-freak kid, I used to read articles about Pete and try to figure out what this elusive "Lifehouse" thing with all of this incredible music was supposed to be... it wasn't until after the Lifehouse box, Psychoderelect, etc. and hearing Pete's vision of it reinterpreted by himself a bit differently each time, that I have kind of come to my own conclusion that "Lifehouse" isn't so much a piece of music or a story with a beginning, middle, and end, but more of an ongoing musical journey... Pete Townshend's musical journey specifically, but also the musical journey of anyone else who chooses to take it along with him at any given time, in whatever capacity.
But it isn't just a musical journey... it's Pete Townshend's spiritual travelogue which is reflected outwardly through the music as it evolves... in short, Lifehouse seems to be Pete Townshed's spiritual life as expressed through music which is why he keeps changing it adding to it, etc... as life changes, so does "Lifehouse" which is why it'll never be completed until Pete is...
whew! if all that sounds more than a little pretentious, Pete'll be so proud of me ; )"


Lucy said...

Yes, absolutely; I would agree in characterizing Pete as intellectually spiritual.

Revelation! You know what that makes him? A philosopher.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lifehouse. There's something science-fictiony and spiritual about it simultaneously. And humorous and poignant.

But what's always puzzled me is the term "house". I understand the "life" component... but I wonder, from where does he draw the concept "house"? It could just as easily be termed LifeEarth (ha, ha, not Live Earth), or LifePlace or LifeLine or anything. Is it to do with the stars or astrology?

Did Pete coin the term, or was it drawn from some other previous writing or creative work?

Lucy said...

P.S. Being philosophical (i.e., seeking/questioning/brainy) about religion is all right in my book. There are too many narrow-mindedly faithful religious adherents out there.

I'll never stop seeking or questioning (coz - on a side note - "doubt is the first step to faith" or something like that. Can't remember who said it. Some German philosopher? Goethe? Someone!)

Tink said...

mmm. Nice! Lucy ... that's a great query . as always! . I started nosing around and came up with House of Life. Believe it or not .. that relates back to ancient Egypt and the House of Life (or Lifehouse) is described as an institution (in this case an actual physical place) that is aligned with KINGship and the creation and preservation of knowledge. The symbol is pr-ankh (a very kewl glyph) that translates literally to "House of Life." In some obscure post (i think at the old Mirror Door) I offhandedly referred to Pete as Osiris. Um. Hm.

Am uncertain on who made the quote on doubt. But definitely ... it's a HUGE part of many people's path and balance in Faith. Dostoyevsky wrote (paraphrasing) that his doubt was the furnace/fire from which his Faith was born/awakened. And it was a continued theme for him and many. Not that I'm well versed in Dostoyevsky - only have read small passages from his works. And many years ago.

Personally, as much as I go forward and attempt to trust wholeheartedly in God's master plan for all of us ... doubt does creep in and out, like the proverbial thief in the night. It steals energy from love and service to others. So, to get it back (abiding Faith) ... I think I have to feel loved and give of myself to others. er. uh. When in full doubt mode, I open the Bible at random. Always and forever, I have found God speaking to the very issues I was wrestling. Always. I think our belief is not required for something to exist. But, it sure helps seal the soul's connection to God when answers come that way.

uh. Just so's you know ... these are only my opinions and examples of what has worked in my own life. ;o) I hope to God that I don't come off like a know it all or Miss Answerman. It's not how I feel inside or want to be ... not in any way. Just throwing a few things out there to keep the flow going!


Lucy said...

hi tink!

Ah yes, the ankh... isn't that the cross-like symbol with a loop at the top ... or something? But never realized it meant what it meant. Very cool. I love it when things converge.

As for doubt and faith. Isn't it INTERESTING that for many people their faith is STRENGTHENED by adversity? Why is that? Because it's all we've got left? So we cling all the harder?

MargieCM said...

Nice post. I think it is genuinely a lifelong work, with various threads and incarnations, as is life itself. I've never been too analytical with the content, as for me interpretation is a fluid and evolving thing and happens in its own time.

I love the fact that in individual projects and over the years the themes (musical and lyrical) have gone off on tangents and places of interest then come back together in a coherent form to flesh out the story or concept.

It really is a journey, and to watch, see, hear and be part of that journey is such a privilege.