Thursday, July 12, 2007

THE BOY WHO HEARD MUSIC @ Vassar College in Poughkeepsie

Hi everyone:
Tomorrow night (Friday the 13th) is the first show of Pete's TBWHM at Vassar College. I have already heard from several bloggers who have said they will be at the various shows this weekend. I will be there tomorrow night in section 'Parterre Right' with my friend who is also a PT fan. If you are a blogger and you see me PLEASE come over and say HI!
If anyone wants to post about their TBWHM experience @ Vassar this weekend and review the show please come on and do so! I know I will.

This should be a cool place to meet to discuss PT works and just have some laughs.

Great idea (I thin it was Sully's) and someone mysterious took the ball and ran with it.

ROCK ON, my Who brethren!


-Lin (no Da)


The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Thanks for this post and looking forward to hearing of your Vassar experience Lin. Atomicelroy is joining us as a blogger team member. Looking forward to his posts as well.

~The Mysterous One Who Heard Music~

Lucy said...

oh, REALLY, lin. I WISH I could go, but I just can't. At all.

I would if remotely could...

Have a great time and I expect a FULL REPORT. DETAILS.

(I'll be there in spirit) (think of me!)

ROB said...

Lin, (the Rush fan) you lucky devil. I'll go with you if you'll fly me in from California and give me a ticket...Please!

O.K. I dreaming.

I'll make you a deal though...

You tell us all about the show and I'll tell you about the Rush gig next week. I should be working backstage at Rush's Irvine show as I have put in a request with my boss for it.


take care and have fun,

Tink said...

I will SO be there in spirit.

Yes, yes ... full report here, please??!!! And pictures, pictures, pictures, if possible!


Lin-no-da said...

Rob: My PT blogger buddy Jon R (space cowboy) already invited me to the Rush show at PNC Bank arts Center in NJ. It was this past Sunday night, I could not go but how cool is John that he called me during Freewill and YYZ. Enjoy your show and please do come back on and say what the Professor (Neil my fave drummer) taught you!!!

stateless said...

so is there really only going to be three performances or will this continue in any way? i'm apparently extraordinarily out of the loop.


ROB said...

Lin said:
Enjoy your show and please do come back on and say what the Professor (Neil my fave drummer) taught you!!!

I can tel you beforehand what Neil will teach me:

"Rob, you can't play the drums, never could, always wanted to, but alas, you've always got your guitar and that's just the way it is."

Gary said...

Wow, I'm really curious about this adaptation of the story. Wonder if Ray High will be there.

Can't wait for the reviews.

Lucy said...

I await your review(s), Lin. Both here and at "your" place.

You're probably enjoying the show right now. As I sit here enjoying... well... a lovely quiet evening.


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

I saw the matinee performance at Vasseer; it was great!