Thursday, July 12, 2007

Collector of voices

From the Place where they came...

the Collector of Voices said...

A roll call of the he said, she said:

Abigail Wright said, adaaotn64 said, Adrian Viera said, Ahvarahn said, Al Cooper said, Alecia said, Alex said, Alexis Prinz von Croy said, ali m said, Alias said, Amanda and SuperAmanda said, ambertin said, Analogmoon said, andersen0072 said, Andrés y César said, Andrew said, Andrew Abbeduto said, Anja Kalland said, Anne-Marie said, Annie said, Antoinette said, anton said, Antonio J said, arenee1999 said, Arona said, aronagale said, Astrid said, atomicelroy said, aynisha said, Baba's Van said, BaYes said, behindblueyes said, Ben R said, Benn Kempster said, Big Dan said, BIGJON said, BlackVelvetLace said, Blender said, Blog Admin said, bobcollum said, bolt upright said, Bonfire Jones said, Bonnie J said, bookworm said, Bradley said, Brian in Atlanta said, Brian in NY said, Brian Wheeler said, brianp said, Brim said, brojo said, Bruce said, bsrbb sg said, Carrie Pratt said, Casey said, CathFria said, CCF said, Cerulean said, Chaimster said, cheritho said, Cheryl Ann said, Chipper said, Chris Capp said, Chris F said, Christine H said, Christoph Geisselhart said, cK said, claire said, ClashWho said, Clive Stubbs said, Conceiving a Child is a Sin said, crimson_rainbow said, Dale said, dan 2.0 said, Dan L. said, Daniel said, Danny Di Carlo said, DarkSeaWeb said, Dave from Pennsylvania said, Dave In Sterling said, David said, Davocaster said, deaf dumb blind kid said, Delbut said, Derek Brink said, d glen said, Dhruv Bhate said, DJD18 said, DK said, Donna Marie said, doofus.jones said, Dream said, drpaul said, E-Banjo said, E... said, E.L. Wisty said, Earnest said, ebandjo said, Eggmaster said, Elaine said, elena said, Elizabeth A. said, Em Rocks - Live with it said, em-rah said, Emma T said, Epicycles said, Eric said, estela said, Ethan said, eva said, eyesite2theblind said, fdnymedic said, Ferry & The Dreamer said, Finbar G'noof'nooff said, fitzbath said, FlashGordon said, fluorescein said, Fool on the Hill said, francesca said, freetoad said, Gage V. Blackwood said, Gardner said, GARfish said, Gary said, GeorgeL said, ginab said, glenn said, gloss said, glowgirl1 said, Goldhawk said, Grace said, greekzoe said, Greg said, grey hound girl said, gypsy noir said, Hannah said, Hans said, haribomort said, Hart's Mind said, Head Chef said, Henrique said, hidalguia said, High Groover said, hippie dav said, hippie dave said, hivoltrocker said, hiwatt said, hn said, hockeyblueeyes said, humblebee said, I am that I am said, iam said, Ignota said, info said, jack said, Jacq said, Jacqueline said, Jake said, Jalanne said, James said, James Casey said, janeb said, Janice said, jasonic said, Jay said, Jeroen Ras said, Jesse F said, JetAgeEric said, jgoalieman said, JillKristen said, Jim Laughlan said, Jim Lott said, joan said, joat said, joe said, John said, John Graham Mellor said, John Sullivan said, Johnny The Sea said, Jon said, Jonathan said, JT said, jungleape said, JWhis said, Kara said, Keith said, kelly said, Kenny said, KennyAberdeen said, Kevin Friel said, KEVIN KENNEDY said, Kevin Seegan said, KevinK said, Kim H said, kimby said, king said, Kirk said, KJOrmsby said, KM said, kokain said, Koos F said, Lance Burns said, Lannio said, Lara said, Larry Jones said, laura-petrie said, laweej said, layne said, Lee said, lilian said, Lin-no-da said, Lisa said, lisalisa said, Lovegame said, lovingmom said, lryicsgrl said, Lucky Buck said, Lucky Seven said, Lucy said, Luis Adolfo said, Lynsey said, maddrugs said, majortom2001 said, Malicious Matt said, MargieCM said, Maria Cecilia said, Marie said, Marietta said, mark said, Mark H said, Mark T said, Marta said, Martin Whelan said, MaryDean said, MaryMoo said, Matt said, mdempire said, MedicineJar said, Meg said, Melissa & Gary said, Metalchick said, michad said, Michael said, Michael Crowley said, Michael Wayne Robbins said, Michelle S. said, Midnighttrain said, Mike said, Mike Faulkner said, Mike S said, Mike V. said, Mikhail said, Mind Octopus said, Minnesotafamily said, Miss Emily said, Monsoon said, Monz said, Moonpie said, mrjb said, mrjim362 said, mrt6812 said, murad caglidil said, Nabonidus said, NeanS said, Neil said, Neil Prentice said, Neil-North East Scotland said, neilbymouth said, neilemeryuk said, Nik said, nmackenzie1982 said, Noces said, Octoberchild said, oktopusinc said, Onestep said, Owen Morgan said, Panjoyah said, paolo said, Pato said, Paul H said, PaulBLpool said, paulfromglasgow said, said, Pete said, peteisthebest said, Peter said, Peter Blauner said, Peter H said, philipbounds said, pictures of lily said, Piera said, pieter said, Pip said, pkeets said, Plonk said, premierludwig said, PTfan said, purple said, said, rael said, RagaTala said, Ranceman said, Reswot said, RhythmUnbroken said, Rick said, ricoshea said, Riff said, ROB said, robmacneal said, Ronny Drew said, Ronzi said, Roy said, RUBEN M said, ruby tuesday said, S.Shaple said, Sam Kongslie said, Sandie said, Sara said, Sara Depp said, Sarah said, Sarah Beth said, Scott said, Sean said, Sergio Blume said, Seth Pomeroy said, Seychelle said, shasta said, sheva said, Sidney said, sinclair said, Sindy said, Soldado Jorge said, SonoftheBeach said, SpacePoet said, speedypete said, spyderlc said, stardust said, stateless said, stef-at-blog said, Stephen said, Steve said, Steve H said, steve727 said, Storm said, stradasphere said, String said, Suesjoy said, sundaygirl said, sunset-canter said, SuperAmanda said, Susan said, tadhg said, tanstripe said, tchatchke said, TedMaloney said, The CT blogger said, themagpie said, theSeaHawk said, TheStLouieWhoie said, THIRD OF NEVER said, Thomas said, Tim Herrlinger said, timewaster said, tini said, Tink said, Tom Watson said, TOMAS GARAY said, Tommy D_____ said, Tommy Walker said, tony said, Tony Andrade said, Tracy said, treynolds said, Trini said, trrish said, Valerie said, VallyP said, vera matson said, VG EXPOSER said, Vinylsoul said, WallBanger said, WhiteFang said, whofandave said, Wilson said, wind-up-man said, Winston Groom said, wjrice said, woking75 said, Wyatt said, xine said, yash said, yawndave said, yuna said, zero6 said, zrosenberg said, Zyphoter said,

and, of course Pete Townshend said.

Thank you, Collector, for the recording of the voices.


Tink said...

Hey ... the "T's" look *really* good!


lryicsgrl said...

oops.....sorry, I thought Lucy was the originator of this bloggie....well thanks to you, oh great and powerful Wizard of Blog!!

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Just don't look at that man behind the curtain Lyricsgrl.

~The great and mysterious One Who Heard Music~

BlackVelvetLace said...

::Watches Toto run over and pull the curtain back with his teeth:: :P


Lin-no-da said...

Are you sure it is a MAN behind the curtain???

Welcome to A.Tom McElroy!
YAY I am no longer lonely


BlackVelvetLace said...

Hmmmm, come to think of it Lin... *we* really can't be sure. But then again, TGAOWHM outta know!



Lucy said...

This has been a wonderful idea -- this site.

And I LOVE its subtitle.

Very cute. And some of us not only came, but came first.