Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Generation

And speaking of deconstructing drumsets...


MargieCM said...

Ah, the beginnings of the dreaded tinnitus.
Working with Keith was never a safe career option, was it?

TedMaloney said...


I am here!


Dale said...

I've never actually seen this clip from the S Brothers - at least that I can remember...
I may have but just forgot?
Doubt it!

It's just as fabulous as I've heard described.

Check out Pete's hair after Keith's drums went off!!


The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Welcome again Ted. Look forward to your postings.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Dale, the whole video cracked me up. Between Roger being from *Oz*, Keith Moon telling Tommy Smothers to call him *John*, Pete saying his windmilling came from practicing *bowling*, John's (whose bass playing blew me away BTW, I've never seen bass chops that smooth before) nonchalance as everyone else ran about the exploding set, and Smothers bewildered look after Pete took his acoustic guitar right off his shoulder and smashed it on the floor, this was beyond classic.