Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Best Going Out to Suesjoy

For those who have not yet heard, our Sue has been diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and is due to go into surgery in MASS General on Tuesday. All of us from TOWHM send our love and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Sue keep us posted, know we are all with you in support. Keep positive with many good thoughts headed your way, those of us who pray are praying for you. We look forward to hearing from you post-op. And as Rachel would say, keep your chin up, at least you only have one!


Lucy said...


Just focus on the day it's all over. Everything'll be all right!

Anyway, we'll be with you in thought and prayer ... now, on Tuesday, and beyond... so that your recovery is full and speedy.

- Lucy. :-)

ROB said...

Dear Sue,

Hope all goes well (I'm sure it will) and get better quickly.
You will be in our thoughts.


MargieCM said...

Best wishes and my most positive alpha-waves to you Sue. I look forward to seeing you back around the traps, happy, full of energy and completely recovered.

You sounded so positive on Rachel's blog I think the healing must have begun already!

M x

atomicelroy said...

good vibes and the positive chi to sue.

Sidney said...

As I said on Rachel's blog - don't know you personally but so what...wishing you a speedy recovery and you are in my prayers.
God bless

elena said...

Sending positive thoughts and wishing all the best to Sue!!!

ROB said...

MARCH 30, 1926-JULY 30, 2007

It is with a heavy heart and through many tears that I write this. My beloved father just died of a heart attack about an hour ago. I found him slumped over in the bathroom on the floor. I tried to revive him as did the paramedics when they arrived. My brother, myself and my dad's girlfriend just returned from the hospital.

I'm quite shaken up right now but I wanted to share with someone what a wonderful man he was. A WWII veteran, an accomplished writer, a man of genius intellect, and most important, the most wonderful and generous father and husband anyone could ask for. He will be sincerely missed by all whose lives he touched.

On the bright side, he is now at peace and surely back by my mother's side once again.

I love you Dad, and if I can be half the man you were in life, I'll have been a success!

Love, you're admiring son,

Sidney said...

Sorry to hear of your pain and sorrow Rob. I wish you well over this time.