Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our First Team Member

Welcome Li-no-da as the first admin team member. She will be able to post blog entries to which others can comment. If you wish to be added as a team member send an email. Limit will be 10 team members, at this time.

Addendum: Atomicelroy has also graciously volunteered to become an admin team member. Looking forward to his postings as well.

Ted Maloney has just joined us. Welcome aboard Ted.

Happy to say that Lucy has also hopped on board. Looks like this blog will have a lively set of team members keeping you posted on all things Pete and Rachel. Blog on team, comment on commenters!

BlackVelvetLace makes number six, and climbing.

Suesjoy is rounding out our team at number 7. One more to go, the last two spots are reserved for Pete and Rachel just in case they are ever inclined to join us in posting. They will always have that option.

Hold on to your hats girls and boys, writer Lee Harrington has joined us as a blogging team member! Given what she's already written at Pete's, I can't wait to see what she comes up with here!!

Welcome also Sidney, our newest team member. Blog on Sidney!

Dave from PA is our next addition.

And ECPISGOD, the blogging team of Aaron Sr & Aaron Jr, round out our listing of 10 team members. I look forward to great blogging with great people.

Blog on!


Lucy said...

I'm considering it. If you'll consider me. I promise I'll have some good topics.

Congrats lin and atomicelroy!

The place is looking fine (and oddly familiar)!

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Lucy, just send an email to Your input is always golden.

Tink said...

Lucy ... you would be fantabulous! NO doubt.

Thanks to Tom and Lin and (of course) you mysterious metal hinter.


The Ones Who Heard Music said...


~The Mysterious One Who Heard Music~

Lucy said...

Just a thought (coming from someone who hasn't even officially accepted yet) (but will)... I wonder if a limit of 10 blog admins is perhaps a bit high? Maybe a limit of 4 or 5 (or even 6) might make for a tighter ship?

Just my humble (inexperienced) opinion. I'm sure you have more experience in these things than I.

- Lucy.

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Lucy, thanks for hopping on board!

I did initially wonder if 10 team members may be more than enough, but given that everyone is already posting to their own blog, and everyone also has their 'real lives' to contend with, I didn't want anyone one person to feel overwhelmed keeping this blog running. 10 may turn out to be alot, but to be honest I was concerned that adding fewer might see a stagnation and so I arbitrarily decided on the number with no other idea than to keep posts rolling, from different people with different viewpoints.

Rachel & Pete have received invitations in the event that they might wish to post. That leaves 8 open spots for others who I'm sure will use their good judgement about how many posts a day are 'just right'. And I do think the people who are volunteering are able to make good judgements about how many posts a day would be too-many and also too-few. This is a wonderful community of great people.

Blog on bloggers!