Thursday, November 22, 2007

A few photos...

Since things have been SO stinkin' quiet around here, I thought I would put up a few of my fave photos and see who had what to say over their boring Thanksgiving afternoon...

everyone else around the world is having a good 'ol regular Thursday and looking forward to Friday...

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Lin-no-da said...

I always did wonder what ever possessed hm to wear that 'boiler suit' on stage. Perhaps it was uuber comfortable but I hated that look...

Tink said...

Yea. That suit. You know ... I really like the way it accentuates and outlines the rear-end. Quite nice. :o) Other than that, I would think it would be confining to do the jumps, but he wore it often ... so it must have been very comfy.

Lots of people go out of town or get busy with guests and family preps. I hope everyone has a very nice day, being thankful in your own unique ways. The house smells wonderful this morning with good cooking smells.

xo Tink

Lucy said...

Aw, Lin, are you not having a good holiday? :-(

My husband's got the turkey on... and it's smellin'g GOOOD...

(LOL, I always think of that Bean episode; "you got the turkey on?")

I'm taking a break from cleaning the kitchen.

As for the pics: I love the boiler suit. Have no idea why. Seems it was sort of a fashion in those days (and I think Pete started it).

As for JAE, I sure miss him lately. Sometimes I actually get teary-eyed over the loss of him .. recently watched some cool (and sweet) YouTubes on him .. and sometimes I think that were he still alive today he'd almost be my fave Who. ALMOST. (key word)

Nice sig too, on the boiler suit pic, eh Lin? ;-)

Oh, I hope your Tday's not too boring... maybe I'll check back in a bit. Hugs to you...

- L.

Lin-no-da said...


It is not my pic (the one with the sig) it is from Ebay and I thought it was an awesome photo so I showed it. I do have many sigs, as you know, and I stick by my theory of good sig bad sig and he knows exactly if the person is going to covet or sell them item... most of the ones on Ebay from the auction hounds have the 'I could care less' sig where he makes it barely ledgible with the PT and maybe the outlind of the crest of the 'd' at the end. When people stand in front of his hotel with 35 albums to sign, that is what he does, and you can't blame him.

All of my sigs are pristine and happy and contain many ledgible letters, yay!

This is a rare one on Ebay with a nice sig. Must have been a true fan who is suddenly hard up for cash?!?

Either way it is an important and glorious heyday photo.

I don't celebrate Holidays so it is just another boring day for me...
thanks for the well wishes though.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Happy Turkey Day to all ye bloggers.

I recently posted a couple pictures from the La Jolla Playhouse Charity show that Pete did solo in 2001 on my pitiful blog. Not great pictures but better than nothing. Pete later signed a copy of one of these for me ....but I'm hoping now that it was a good signature....

Bolier suits...I think Pete said f..k it and did not want to dress in fashion and then set one by doing so.....

Lucy said...

Yeah, Lin. It can be hard to sign your name over and over again. Don't blame 'im one bit.

I like how neatly he signed the COA that came with my eBay win.
:-) You can tell he put care into it.

ROB said...

Great pics Lin!
I'll babble more later.


tanstripe said...

Speaking of "comfy" in performance-wear - nothing against him for I feel, he was amazing both musically and personally - is John's perpetual "uncomfy" wear he seemed to "adhere" to!!!(showing off his...umm... considerable "assets", I realize)

It is all a matter of taste and the style of the times, of course, but I've never found, as a woman, John's sense of fashion very alluring...!

Dale said...

Yes, the boiler suit...
It was so Pete, though.

Another name for it is a jump suit.
Maybe that's why...

Suesjoy said...

Great pics!
I love the boiler suit look Lin!
I'm with Tink on the butt enhancing qualities too. He must have had a VERY tight bum in those days!
hee hee.

Good thing he doesn't lurk around here.

Yeah Dave, he was scorning fashion, but NOW he wears Prada suits (or whoever).
Remember in La Jolla (not sure if it was the night you were there) but someone must have commented on his nice looking pants and he went off and said something about how his Prada trousers were lined with a diaper?!!! Something like that. Pete's alter ego comes alive on stage!
He's so quiet and reserved when you meet him in person. "He contains multitudes," as Walt Whitman would say.

I was very sad on T-giving here in Taipei. I'm glad it's over.
Feeling more chipper today.
Can't wait for MONDAY.
I LIKE Mondays.
Especially when SCHOOL is in session!

I'm not really that thrilled with the Who forum, btw. It's too big and I feel alienated.
I like our cozy community better.
(no offense Pete and Rog!)
Like they care! :)

Have a great week everyone!


Lucy said...

Hey Sue,

Funny story re the diaper, but not surprising.

Sorry you were sad on Tday. I can imagine. And I agree with you about Mondays, strangely enough.

Re: the alter ego. I guess for me, online is equivalent to stage. I'm pretty reserved and quiet if you meet me in person. Totally different here "on stage". The exhibitionist in me comes out.

Wish I could meet Pete.... :-(

Lin-no-da said...

you will, Lucy...
Haven't you heard? He and Rachel are having a blogger BBQ in their back garden as soon as it gets warm...
we're all invited.

You are in charge of potato salad. I guess you didn't get the memo?


Suesjoy said...

Hi again Lucy!
Yeah I am much, much sillier and bawdier on-line. (For instance, I wouldn't tell Pete his butt looked cute in those jumpsuits! LOL).
I'm pretty shy in person too. Well, maybe not shy, but reserved.
Like Pete!
(even though I sang to him when I met him...when you are 45, you just say, "aw eff it!" I didn't MEAN to sing to him just happened!
He just looked at me like,"I have the craziest fans on the planet."

I hope you meet Pete and Rachel someday. They really are so sweet and down to earth.
If you DO meet Pete (at the BBQ), what would you talk about??

Don't say hot dogs.
I don't think they have 'em in London anyway.
I hope not.