Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jump suits abound and Elton John "can't explain"

What is this all about, you ask?

Stay tuned, and you'll see...

There's a jumpsuit explosion at the end of the song, along with -- mysteriously -- the opening riffs of "I Can't Explain". LOL

I just can't explain it.


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Okay...I'm tuned...where's the news...?

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

This thread reminds me of the most popular thread on the 2002 Pete/Who bulletin board/forum....female who fans abound.....started by some guy by the handle 'Psychoderelict' ...wonder who the he.ll he was?

Lucy said...

err... was it you?

Good. Now that I've got your attention....

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Why of course it was me....

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

ok, they were jumpsuits...Osmond style...Elton would like those...Pete's was a manly boiler

Lucy said...

What's the difference between a jumpsuit and a boiler suit? Sleeve-length?

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

chest hair exposure and pant length

Lucy said...

pant length?

Which one's shorter?

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Pete's boilers

Lucy said...

LOL, yeah, I always love those high-waters. I've always had the same problem. :-)

Suesjoy said...

My computer is possessed I think.
It won't show YouTube videos.
(I'm assuming you posted a YouTube video Lucy?).

I posted a novella on the previous post though!

What does everyone think of the Who Forum on the new website?

It scares me.
I like this site better!


Suesjoy said...

Speaking of chest hair...I'm guessing Roger waxes his chest/back/body????

I don't know where my mind is today...
oh I know...
in the gutter!


Suesjoy said...

(see the novella for more gutter talk!)




Suesjoy said...

What did mayhem did you create as Psychoderelict?

Suesjoy said...

Gee, I'm not bored or anything...




Ok I'll go get a life now.



Lin-no-da said...

Y'all are funny...
I waswondering why they call it a boiler suit (in England) I think we do just call it a jump suit or an overall. Do you go inside boilers and clean them in that outfit? Dunno. Makes me think of Mike Rowe on dirty jobs...

Our Boiler had been acting up for two weeks and long story short, we had to get a new tank for the oil that feeds the boiler, a guy came and inspected the old tank, he cut it open so the EPA would be convinced we did not have a leak and guess what, he wore a suit way uglier than Pete's, yellow, made of platic and had a hood. He had to tape himself into it so no debris could reah his skin. Yucky!
THAT is a boiler suit!


Lucy said...

LOL, lin... I love Dirty Jobs!

Some of the best shows on TV: Dirty Jobs, Modern Marvels and Mythbusters. Oh, and Ghost Hunters. That's the only reality TV I watch.

Hey Sue -- sorry to have been asleep when you wanted company. Yeah, that new Who site is a bit overwhelming. I think part of the reason why people have racked up so many posts over there is because many are treating it as almost a chatboard. I shouldn't talk: I have 203 posts now. Some have in the thousands though. And some had hundreds within a couple of days of it going live!

I do prefer this blog though. I really do.

Lucy said...

P.S., Sue. Yes, it was a YouTube I posted -- of Elton John performing Pinball Wizard onstage at the LA Dodgers stadium in 1975. His band is in jumpsuits (they were all the rage that year) (I even remember Cat Stevens wearing them around that time). But Pete STARTED it. He started the fashion statement, by going anti-fashion. How ironic!

And at the end of Pinball Wixard, they go off into a riff that's exactly the opening riff to "I Can't Explain". I notice this too in the Tommy version. Can't remember if the radio verson of EJ's PW did that. Used to be on the radio ALL the time when I was a kid. In fact, I never knew the Who's version till years later, ironically. Now I WAY prefer it to EJ's version.

(must end MY novella now. oh, btw, Sue -- have you tried picking TBWHM back up again? I'm re-reading it -- God it's good. Pete's a genius. Duh.)

Suesjoy said...

Oh thanks Lucy for that play by play of the vid! ;)
I will have to search YouTube for it- sounds very cool!
I saw Elton on July 4, 1976 in Foxboro, MA!!! Yup the Bicentennial.
He came out dressed as the Statue of Liberty!
I don't know why I was so surprised when he admitted he was bi (gay really, as we know!).
I can't remember his other outfits- I'm sure they included a jumpsuit or 2!
Funny that Pete started the trend!

I DO love all the pics at the Who forum. People seem nice though. Much nicer than when Pete had a forum on HIS site. I got flamed a few times...for being the peace loving hypocrite that I am. (I was upset about a Who song being used in a bleeping HUMMER commercial, and I also was vocal about how we should never have gone to Iraq.
As Billy Bragg sings: "we don't like peace campaigners 'round here as he nailed another one to the wall, and that's what gets me in trouble heaven help me!"
So I keep pretty quiet now!!!

I need to start reading TBWHM again!
I had such a hard time keeping all the characters straight!
I don't like reading off a computer screen, either. wah wah wah
stop complaining SUE! :)
Yes he IS a genius.

Lucy said...

Cool about EJ on 7/4/76, Sue! I think I know what I was doing that day.. seriously! Isn't it amazing how long ago the 70s were but how "just yesterday" at the same time?

Keith Moon was a big jumpsuit wearer in the mid-70s too, remember? (the short-sleeved, chest-exposing kind)

And Sue... sigh.. re TBWHM. Y'know, I love that story so much that I wish -- I TRULY WISH -- Pete had published it in its own right as a book. How nice it would be to have on one's bookshelf. But I suppose he can't do everything in one lifetime. ;-) I can only imagine the effort that went into it. It's eloquent and perfect, if a bit arcane. :-) Anyway, I'm adoring reading it the second time around. (which I rarely do with books, as you know.. being ADD-ish and all...)

Suesjoy said...

Yeah Lucy I wish he would publish TBWHM. Maybe he will one day.
Gary actually published one for him!
Well he printed it and had it bound.
Maybe I will put it on a disc and get it printed out. Then I can read it at my leisure - make the rounds to all the very cool cafes in my 'hood.
Yeah, life is rough for sues...

DAVE! You need to 'fess up to the hell you raised as Psychoderelict!
Refresh my memory, please!

ROB said...

Well I was gonna point out that The little "Can't Explain" riff is on the studio version of Elton John's "Pinball Wizard" cover but it seems someone already pointed that out. That's what I get for being late here!

Lucy said...

Funny about Gary printing and binding TBWHM. Maybe I'll do same. ;-)

Anyway, I'm effing SAVORING it the second time around.

And Rob -- I'm a dunce. I've heard EJ's PW my whole life (studio version) and never noticed this. So there-- you taught me something new. (but then again, I haven't heard it in YEARS)

Dave from Pennsylvania said... remember that Board...just got started on it when OMG John died..

Me, Lynne (who I finally met in person at the Philly Who show last September....she got Pete re-hooked up with Mac...for the Texas gigs this spring), and Anne...we were the mom's and dads of that board for awhile.....

In contrast, I haven't posted one comment on the new Who forum..have played with the Tho email address though and can't wait to post to Pete's blog there...correct his grammar, tell him how great he is, etc. etc. etc....