Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paparazzi Shots!

I thought some of you MIGHT be interested in these shots of you know who and company. I took them at the Attic Jam at Hotel/Cafe in L.A. last November.
The line-up was: Rachel Fuller, Mikey Cuthbert, Simon Townshend, Minnie Driver, "E" from the eels, Billy Corgan and of course, Pete!

I won tickets (including a meet and greet) on In the Attic, and I took Molly (Ballerinagurl) as my "date!" The night was heavenly (especially having Molly as a date! har har). Only problem was, I was quite ill and started hallucinating while talking to Pete! No, not really, but I DID sing to him...NOT intentionally, of course. I explained to him that it was MOI who introduced Martha Wainwright to Rachel. He was really pleased to hear that - he called one of her songs "genius" and explained that she sang French in part of the song in her Quebecois accent. So I was racking my brain trying to figure out which one it was and instead of singing it to myself I went "OH!" and started singing it to him! (In case you are curious the song is called, "This Life" and it's on her debut cd). Anyway, they're all pretty tight...Pete even plays on her new cd, so watch out for that!

The highlights of the evening were Rachel singing Joni Mitchell's "Blue", E and Pete singing "Let My Love Open the Door" and Billy Corgan and Pete singing Thunderclap Newman's "Something in the Air." Pete sat on the piano bench, playing acoustic guitar for most of the song, then put the guitar on his back (he slid it - you know what I mean) and played the famous piano solo from that song (which he also recorded on the original, as most of you know).

I gave Rachel a pink t-shirt that said "Shine" (and a hug) and I gave Pete an Aboriginal red beaded skullcap from Alishan, Taiwan. I gave it to him in a cool Elvis gift bag. He held the bag up and looked it over and smiled. I hope he liked it! It's pretty wild though - but Rachel told me he'd love it. She's such a sweetie. I will NEVER forget that night, as long as I live.

Here you can see E from the eels (he got a haircut and is wearing wire rimmed glasses) and next to Pete is Keith's daughter, Mandy Moon.

This is Minnie Driver and a friend (it's a bit blurry). I was having a hard time getting good shots as the night went on...

Pete told so many stories...I wish I remembered what he was yappin' about here! :)
He sang "Blue, Red and Grey" on the ukele.

Here Pete is taking the piss out of Roger. He was saying how Rog had become a "Master Thesbian," holding his mug up to the crowd, inviting them to "have some TEA at the THEATRE with MEEEEEEEEEEE!" It was too funny...as you can see!

Pete and E

The finale! (I forget what they sang...isn't that terrible?)

Molly and Justin Kreutzmann

Oh joy oh rapture!!


eyesite2theblind said...

Very cool post. I love the pictures.It seems like you captured the night.It looked like a very laid back type of scene. I wish I could of been there. Thanks for posting them and the stories. I love looking at photos iy is a moment in time that will never change.

Lin-no-da said...

I remember the day you emailed me that photo the day after, it is simply gorgeous, he looks quite smiley and happy, but now we know why, you gave him a cool gift! LOL
ever seen him wear it?

Great rundown & I never knew you were a Pap!

Thanks for sharing, it is a wonderful memory and you looked really good in the shot!
Hope you don't miss you longer hair, sure it will be back soon!


ROB said...

Awesome that you were there Sue.
Wish I had been. You could have invited me you know. LOL! I'm just outside L.A. I guess ballerinagirl is cuter than me anyhow so I can see why you took her. Ha HA!
Anyway...I'm glad you were able to meet Pete and everyone. I'm sure it was a magical evening for you. Congrats!!!


Lucy said...

W o W!

(I'm being uncharacteristically unwordy today...)

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Didn't they close the show with "I'm One"

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

This was a great show...unless you were of small stature and wore high heels.....our friend Molly would have some comments on that night.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

This is the night I hung by the bar. Chris Stamp one of The Who's first managers was right beside me most of the night.....it was a great gig...but an adjustment from the Joe's Pub environment...hey, its LA

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Let My Love Open the Door was a definite high light.....that's the night I said to Pete "Sign Me"; he signed that denim jacket for me....Rach had signed it in NYC...Mikey signed it that night as well...I never did meet Simon or get him to sign it....shame but Pete's signiture is starting to fade....white/silver sharpy

Lucy said...

OK... Sue, I just have to say, that 6th pic down -- of Pete and Rachel (framed very nicely, I might add) -- is simply precious.

Both of them.


Just look at the look on Pete's face. Awww!!

Sidney said...

Magical post. Something we all kind of dream of...and you got to live the dream. Amazing stuff. Great photos too. Pete looks very happy and content.

Suesjoy said...

My internet connection was down all day.
Oh man...I was BUGGIN' OUT!!

Glad y'all enjoyed this post.

It only took me a year to post my pics!
Procrastinate...WHO me???

I still can't believe the last pic...
I am such a snuggly person. Could I get ANY closer?
His cashmere coat was soooooooo soft.
la la la la la la...heaven...I WAS in heaven!

I think it was I'm One, but I'm not positive.
I AM short, and I DID wear heels.
I leaned on a chair all night (right behind Justin). I planted myself there and didn't move all night. I wasn't very social (wasn't feeling good, but it was more selfishness on my part, to be honest!).
Rob- I actually had 2 dates, my husband's best friend, and Molly!
(My husband was traveling).
I behaved though, ask Molly!

Yeah Lucy - I like the way Pete was looking at Rachel too. Very sweet.

They are the coolest couple in showbiz!

Oh Sidney it WAS a dream come true, and that was the second time that week that I met them!
I wish ALL of you could meet them too, I really do.


Tink said...

::::sigh:::: I wish so too, Sue!

These are amazing photos. Some of the expressions you capture are priceless. I've been looking at them so often, lost in the dream, and I forgot to post and say THANK YOU!

so, thank you :o)


Suesjoy said...

You're welcome Tink!
My pleasure!

BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow great pics Shwo.. everyone looks great in them. I would have loved to have been there.


BlackVelvetLace said...

Shwo.. how did you know Martha and whats the story of introducing her to Rachel? You should tell it in a blog entry!!


Lin-no-da said...

Shame the Pete Eukelele ones are soft focused, they would have been so amazing, he looks adorable with his huge hands on that little thing.

Simon looks great too, he wasn;t at either of the Joe's Pub shows i got to go to but he was at the first one that I missed, crapiddy doo. I have seen him twice live and he is so amazing to talk to, you feel like youhave known him for 30 years, very comfortable & sweet. He looks like he is wearing eyeliner in those shots, was he?

Great photos

I saved some of them

Lucy said...

Love the heart-shaped soundhole on the ukelele!

(I saved some pics too.. ;-)) (what'dya expect? ;-))

Thanks again, Sue. VERY cool.

Suesjoy said...

Oh you're welcome gals!
Lin: You are too kind about my lack of photography skills. I think you mean OUT OF FOCUS (I probably moved).
I was drinking Red Bull and Vodka, so my hands were a little shaky!
(Suesjoy with the shaky hands!!).
I don't know if he was wearing eyeliner or not...I didn't get THAT close Lin!
He DOES put you right at ease.
When I first saw him, I tripped over my words something fierce so he stepped back then put his ear to me which was a really sweet way of saying, "Come again???????"
So I just took a deep breath and went to town! I couldn't shut up though.
I'm sure he gets that alot.

Oh I won't post a blog about introducing them to Martha - I don't want to sound like a big ol' braggert!

It's very easy to meet Rufus and Martha after shows (especially Martha because she sits near the cd table and signs her cds for you!).
Last time I met Martha I told her about In the Attic and how it was produced in Pete's studio. She said, "Oh, he's a very interesting man."
I wasn't sure if she was a fan or not.
Anyway, she gave me her email and I told her that I would try to get in touch w/Rachel and maybe she would like to have her on as a guest.
When I saw that Martha was in London, I contacted Rachel's personal assistant, I think her name was Tracy??? So she said that Rachel would love to have Martha on the show. (I sent Rachel and autographed copy of Martha's debut cd. I had Martha write: "To Rachel...BLOG ON!! - Martha Wainwright."

(When Martha was on ITA she said that she didn't remember signing that for Rachel though!).

Martha never answered (or checked) her email, BUT I was astute enough to get in touch w/ Rufus' techie through MySpace (I know all of Rufus' peeps from going to so many shows). I chatted on MySpace a few times before asking for this favor.
He made one phone call to London, and gave Martha Tracy's cell phone # and the rest, my dear, is HISTORY!

I sent PMs to all of Martha's "famous" friends, including Leonard Cohen's daughter, but Lala (Rufus' techie) was the only one who responded to me. He is a sweetheart.

That's my story! Ta da!

Suesjoy said...

Oh sorry Lin- you were referring to Si.
My bad.
YES he was wearing eyeliner.
I met him briefly (for the second time)
before the show.
He talked to me on my CELL PHONE before the show though!
One of the bloggers knows him very well, so she put him on her cell for me.
He said in his ultra sexy voice: "Suesjoy WHERE ARE YOU??"
I told him we were LOST!!! URGH.
I always get lost in LA!!
So I missed out on hanging with him for a bit! But at least I got to shake his hand.
He's such a great guy. Very sweet and yes, he is easy to talk to.

Lin-no-da said...

Lovely stories and amazing memoiries while you are far away in the land of no Thanksgiving...

I love hearing the details of everyone's Townshend encounters...
as I do tend to ramble on and on about mine. WE live vicariously through each other's stories...

I lost your email and Sue, so if you wouldn't mind obliging me one more time with what you changed it to... I know the MSN one is not working, right?

My email link is on my profile here and at Rachel's


lryicsgrl said...

I feel like I saw this all in a dream ;)

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they would never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day..."

Tink said...

Whoop whoop whoop!

E-Bay alert!!! Rachel has posted a re-bid opportunity on:

*The* Chinese Eyes Jacket:



Gucci Stage Sunglasses:


The original sales did not complete. Why is not mentioned.

Rachel also mentioned a "buy it now" option, but I didn't see that. This is not at Towser's Treasures.

Good luck!

Lin-no-da said...

I know why the original sales did not complete...

heh heh heh

stradasphere said...


BallerinaGurl said...

Hi Everyone! Fantastic post Swho!!! OMG that pic of me is so bad! You can tell how ill I was by my weight and eyes...YIKES! I look 1000% better now...RETAKE! LOL I have never seen that one of me with Justin. How funny! He looks shell shocked! I will have to email it to him for a giggle!

That was such a fun night! Sue was sooooooooo super amazing to have me as her guest aside from us being Rachels! I made sure to reward her and Rachel with fancy gifts and felt they might not be enough...oh well....I have loved my friendship with Swho and always will fell a special bond with her, especially because of this night!!

And WHAT A NIGHT! We had so much fun! I booked a 5 star hotel for a bunch of us girls to bunk up in. It was tight because they screwed up the reservation and didn't get us the large suite we paid for, but I got us a sweet BMW rental to cruise around town in! We all got lost (Ahem and I lived in LA dare I admit for 6 years!!) and found again and didn't even make it to our own dinner party due to major traffic! LOL. Oh well...all fun. Swho behaved, I behaved and some others didn't! LOL END OF STORY! (or at least all that we are telling ha!)