Saturday, November 3, 2007


Lin said, ".... my friends Lisa and Jon... just informed me that our possibly second fave person on the planet, Roger Daltrey, is positively in NY"

If Roger is our second fave person, would that make Pete and Rachel one person as in... PETCHEL??

Blog on Petchel fans, blog on!


Lucy said...


Lin-no-da said...

As usual I typed in a frenzy and I stand corrected!

thanks oh mysterious one!
Didn't want to make the assumption that every person who is a fan of Pete's is a fan of Rachel's therefore I tried to choose my words carefully.
That is why I said possibly, because there are probably people on here who are WHO HEADS and would put Rachel behind Rog...

Rachel has been wonderful to me and she definitely comes before Rog in my book!

I can assure you that Roger is NOT my second favorite person on the planet and never has been, and I can assure you that Pete has occupied the #1 spot on my list for 28 years now, whew, glad we are clear now



The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Lin, you silly girl, I was kidding around, no need to apologize! Given this age of Tom-Kats, Brangelinas, and Bennifers, I thought Petchel was kinda cute. :D

Blog on!

Lin-no-da said...

I was bit tongue in cheek

I know you were kidding

I almost didn't type it because I thought I was going to get hit with some comment or other...

I have quite mixed feelings about Roger and would love to have a 5 minute chat with him uninterrupted one day, I know it'll never happen but he does perplex me...

I think he is a much different person in real life than on stage, MUCH DIFFERENT.

It's all good, blogger love and all that

I am happy
and the movie was so enjoyable, can't wait to buy it. They were following Pete and the WHo around so much in '07/'07 that I was very surprised at how little recent footage made the cut (only Long Beach, which made Rob happy as a memoir!) I think they were at most shows and they were definitely at Joe's Pub and I thought it would end with a what are they doing now, sorta thing, but it didn't.

no worries, mysterious one, all is well in blogland

and I got a Wii yesterday and my arms are killing me from Boxing & Bowling and playing guitar hero 3 feels like I joined a gym


Lin-no-da said...

'06/'07 meant to say

ROB said...

In my "music world", Pete is definitely #1 and Roger #2. Rachael seems to be a wonderful person and it's great that she makes Pete happy, but as for her music, it doesn't do a thing for me. Neither does any of the other music I've heard by anyone on the In The Attic show. Maybe I'm just a tough critic? Yeah probably.


Lin-no-da said...

Thanks Rob, that is EXACTLY why I typed the post the way I did, because I knew that for some people on here Roger was their #2 and for some people, not so much. Personally my #2 fave person on the planet is Kiefer Sutherland. Probably the furthest thing from Pete you can find, yeah? Although Kiefer is a good guitarist and a HUGE fan of Gibson!

There, now I have shared and I feel better!

Ciao for now...

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Well Rob makes your good point Lin. Check out 'Petchel's child' in the entry above, we've finally proof that Neil's been telling the twuff!

Blog on!