Monday, November 5, 2007

Pete talks to Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio-2 (and more)...

A good friend of mine (from a *completely* unrelated fan site!) pointed me to this:

Pete Townshend talks to Johnnie Walker (you have to fast-forward past the first 30 minutes or so to get to the interview ;-) )

and more....


Suesjoy said...

Thanks Lucy!
But do you mean Jonathan Ross on BBC2?
Have you been hitting the bottle Lucy?
Freudian slip?

Suesjoy said... bad.
I see there really IS a Johnnie Walker.
I didn't see him on the first link...really!

ROB said...

Thanks Lucy! I'm gonna check out Pete's interview with Jim Beam right after I finish this post! Hopefully, Smirnoff will do a good interview with Pete. I've heard some of Jack Daniels' interviews in the past and they've been good.

By the way I posted a "new" old song on the blog for "everyone's listening enjoyment" LOL!

You'd better listen to it if only for the fact that it took me a lot of effort to post it!!! As usual, my brother had to help me link the tune up to work right. Man I suck at this stuff!


ROB said...

I couldn't get the Pete Interview to work. Not sure why, I'll try again later. Instead I found on the same page another cool thing: "The Phil Lynott Story". It was great and had me near tears. Just another example of one more genius who died too young.

MargieCM said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Listening now - wonderful stuff. I haven't seen the doco yet - don't have VH1 - and suspect I will have to wait for the DVD. Frustrating!

Suesjoy said...

aw...I couldn't get the darn thing to work either rob. My connection is so slow here. URGH!

Lucy said...

Sue..... for a minute there I wondered if I HAD hit the bottle. Or was about to. Over someone's head. ;-)


JK!! (I wouldn't do that to your sweet head)

Rob -- you are TOO funny. Smirnoff.... or Riazov?

Aw, I'm sorry you can't get the link to work. Keep trying Sue, coz I don't think the BBC keeps their shows up beyond a week (when the next show replaces it).

Suesjoy said...

YAY! I got to watch the videos. I LOVE the Marty Robbins video. Such a brilliant song. I bet Joni Mitchell would dig that one.
Very interesting hearing him talk about Roger and Keith. He did EVERYTHING HE COULD to help Keith, but only Keith could save Keith. Cool that one of his Dad's friends helped get AA started.

I could listen to Pete all day.

I am not that sweet really. I am a bit of a brat! hee hee.

Lucy said...

Good then, I won't apologize. :-)

Coz I was worried all evening that my hitting the bottle over your head was a bit too... bratty. It's just a cyber bottle though, so what harm could it have done?

Yea! (I spell it differently) I'm SO glad you got the link to work. Did you listen to the entire radio interview too? It's got a bit more.

Touching about Keith phoning pete up in the middle of the night, eh? I'd heard that story before but had never heard Pete actually relate it. It really sounds like Pete did everything he could in those last months or so. One can only do so much for another person. Heartbreaking. I like what they said in the doc. though; something like maybe Keith Moon was only cut out to be someone to be remembered as he was. (or however it was that they said it)

And I'm not always as jolly as I seem. I've been in a foul mood all day (which is probably why I took the bottle out on you!)

Tink said...

Awwww ... everyone has crap days. I can be a real pip when I'm having one. Oh ... and don't even get around me :::hands on hips::: at *that* time.

Neither could I get the actual interview to load. Will try, try again. Did get to watch Marty Robbins, Real Me, and the 2 interview clips which were adorable.

Sorry to Margie and Sue ... I know you don't get the VH1 channel where you're at. :o(

I don't drink but sometimes it seems like a good idea. I wonder if I'd be a jolly drunk or a morose drunk? Isn't there one o' those blog thing quizzes for that???

Riazov??? Isn't that an Eastern European Airline?


Tink said...

no wait .. doh. That was Vozair! See? I must need to drink.

Lucy said...


(there, I must be feeling better already!)


Lucy said...

(oh, btw Sue... I'd really meant to compliment you on your wonderful joke to start off with... about the Johnnie Walker. It really was cute)

Lucy said...

And Sue, I totally agree with you about Marty Robbins. That song, along with a couple of the other mellower, acoustic songs on Endless Wire proved to be my favorites; that one especially, I think! Off the whole album! I don't know why. It captivates me. I could listen to it over and over.

I really am excited about the prospect of Pete writing new solo material. How absolutely WONDERFUL. OMG.

ROB said...

Great! I finally got this thing playing now. I just wish they didn't have all the songs interupting the interview every 2 minutes. If I want to hear The Who, I've got the CD's right here. I'd rather just here the interview straight through. I especially like the part where Pete decided to continue on the tour after John died "so the crew could get paid".
LOL! That hits home with me you know. It's nice to know Pete is looking out for the guys behind the scene. Yes, the crew who makes it all possible.

It reminds me of when Roger Waters came to SoCal this summer. We all got called in to work at 9 PM instead of the usual 10:30 or 11 PM call. It seemed strange since the show was scheduled to not end 'til about 11:30. It turned out that Roger Waters wanted the crew to get a couple hours of extra pay. So we all watched the whole show while on the clock. That's a nice guy! Thanks Mr. Waters:)


Suesjoy said...

Oh Lucy I knew you were joking!
It's ok, I DESERVED the bottle.
I like single malt, in case you were wondering.

Oban, please. NOT Johnny Walker.


Wait...SOLO album??? When???
Oh man I have to listen to the entire interview then!

Lucy said...


Or maybe I'm dreaming. Or thinking wishfully.

You can get up out of your swoon now, Sue. Or is it nice there? On second thought maybe I'll join you. Coz I'm almost positive Pete's working up some new solo material. I can feel it in my bones.

Lucy said...

P.S. (again?)

Meant to say about Marty Robbins -- I have no idea why but that song comforts me. I could totally have Pete sing me to sleep with that song. Wait! I have! (on headphones)

Suesjoy said...

Ooh Lucy- are you psychic?
(Not being facetious!).
I hope you're right!

Yes Pete could totally sing me to sleep w/Marty my good ear!
Good idea Lucy! Maybe that will help my insomnia.