Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Hair and The Who - review of Amazing Journey

And all of a sudden we were a Mod band......

Post your comments here on the new Who movie


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

The End ----- "We will be back" PT

About sums it up

Tink said...

"Tea and Theatre" ... I'm all verklempt. There were some incredible quotes to be found in this Journey. Wasn't able to tape it, so will have to wait for my copy to discuss. ;o) There was a fantastic camera shot of The "WHO" ... backwards and upside down. It reads "OHM" I'd never caught that before seeing it tonight.


Lucy said...




I actually haven't watched it yet! I was out at a football game this evening and recorded it, but haven't watched it yet. Will find time tomorrow (Sunday) to view it in leisure (and pleasure)....

ROB said...

Alright...I'm home from work and I've got through the first hour so far. I figured I'd better put in my 2 cents now because I have to work early tomorrow and all day tomorrow.

So far I'm loving this thing. I've learned a thing here and there along the way as well from it. The first hour has been an "Amazing Journey" I must say. I was concerned coming into it that it would just be a re-hash of clips I've seen again and again over the years but it's not. It's very different from say "The Kids Are Alright" yet equally as good. The people who put this together are to be commended. They've really done their homework.

That's all for now...Hope you all watch's great:)


ROB said...

Back again!!

If there's one complaint I have (and it has nothing to do with the movie itself) it's the editing out of curse words by VH1. This shit pisses my off to no end. I am so sick of censorship...I swear I just want to strangle someone. To me, the first ammendment is a very important issue, in fact THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. It must have been important to others too, that's why it's the FIRST AMMENDMENT! Oh, I know we have to "protect the children". What a load of crap that is. Show me a child who has had his life ruined by hearing the "F" word. If anyone thinks a kid hearing swear words is a big problem in households these days then they are incredibly stupid. We know what the real problems are in society and we don't need the UN-ELECTED, UN-AMERICAN, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, FCC to tell us.

So let me just say this...

Sorry, but it had to be said!!!


Tink said...

Can't wait to hear your reactions Lucy!

I know Rob .. some things should just be left alone and unedited.

Did anyone else keep scanning the faces of filmed fans for future bloggers? :o)

Chris Stamp and Bill Curbishley had some very interesting observations. I think one of the sweetest moments (there were many!) was when Pete noted the irony of the "violent" Who promoting messages of "love and peace."

Dave, you and Sully did such a fantastic job reviewing the story from memory!

Lucy said...

I still haven't viewed it. I have to go to work for a while today, so it probably won't be till WAY later tonight that I write my thoughts.

Interesting (and touching) to read others' thoughts in the meantime, though!

Lin-no-da said...

I am just going to say briefly that I waited until Sunday so I could watch it in full. It is by far the best Documentary of The Who's story that I have ever seen, As Rob said, I learned things that I never put 2 and 2 together about although I knew the facts seperately. I cried in several places, good tears and bad tears, I really felt a connection as a lifelong fan.

I thought that ther could have been a bit more on the deaths of Keith and John, I felt like they were built up and then just covered over quickly. The Cincinatti part, same thing. I loved all of the interviews, they were poignant.

The coolest point that I found was that the watch that Lucy just won on Ebay was actually IN THE FOOTAGE at the end when they were shaking hands when John's death was being covered but I will not steal Lucy's thunder as I have just emailed her about this cool point and I will let her blog about it if she so chooses. I think it is only fitting because Lucy is the one who emailed me a photo of Pete wearing the shoes that I won on Ebay when she found it online, a very difficult find, I think!

I enjoyed the editing and I thought it was very thoughfully put together. I will definitely buy it and watch it with friends who are Who fans over and over and discuss when they visit.

Wonderful, it has made my Sunday, that is for sure! It reminds me why I love these boys and this band so much, a very heartfelt production. And it comes at a nice time, after we have all had such intimate experiences with Pete over the past 2 years or so with the internet and the smaller attic shows...



Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Eh, Rob...your comment just triggered my, they edited out the naked breasts as try to tell a story about Moonie without brests.....I hadn't even caught this last night...guess I will have to by the DVD to have the real thing.....

I agree too...I learned a few things from this movie.....

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Just read Sully's review of the premier and had another recall:

Hey Sully

Yeah, I thought it was great when the movie was being challenged about the lack of film of Roger and Pete fighting and Roger said that was what started the fight...the fucking lazy video crew that was just watching and not filming...thanks for bringing back that memory....


Tink said...

Nice write up there LIN! I could feel your emotions. 'Twas nodding along with your post. yup!


This up from :


4th November, 2007
The Who's 1st official site will launch, as promised, tomorrow (November 5th). The production team have set themselves a deadline of 2359 hrs GMT. Check that out against your time zone.

The site contains a comprehensive history of the band and discography, compiled by an eminent Who expert, some great sounds (from 'View From A Backstage Pass'), clips from 'Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who' and the first blog in a while from Pete Townshend. Over time, the site will evolve to be a formidable digital archive of all things Who-ish and also the communication launchpad for all new Who projects.

Much of the site is viewable free of charge but to get the most out of it, it's necessary to pay a $50 subscription fee ($40 for active members of, valid for a year. A lot of effort is being made to ensure that the subscription scheme delivers good value.

Check it out after 2359 GMT tomorrow, November 5th.

eyesite2theblind said...

I thought the documentary was very cool. The only thing hat really popped out at me was the size of Petes nose. When he was younger it looks so big. The old footage of them in the clubs is awesome. Man would i have loved to see them then. It was very cool to see all of different types of guitars Pete used. The only thing I did not like was Pete talking about Roger saying we were all geniuses except Roger he was just a singer. I dont think that band would of been as good as they were without Roger. Roger has a feeling about him that you cant take your eyes off of him. That just kind of bothered me.

Lucy said...


My son and I watched the show tonight. Quite touching, yes.

My thoughts? A couple. I was touched by the Moon bits (of course). (my son, btw, cracked up at (and had me repeatedly replay) the Tommy's holiday camp song. "Good morning campers!"

I almost cried at the PT looking over at PP and realizing it wasn't JE moment at the Hollywood Bowl 4 days' after JE's death. Got teary-eyed too at the BBE segment (that song always does it to me).

Cool to see all the relatives! Keith's mother, John's mother, John's son and wife, wow. Those bits struck me as the most wonderful.

The way Pete and Roger spoke of each other (ultimately). Very, very touching and wonderful. Happy ending-ish.

And Lin -- yeah, looks like my watch. Though I can't say for 100% certainty. But close enough, I suppose! What I really need is a close-up STILL or photo. But wow, thanks for your eagle eye! You really are quite the Pete clothing/fashion sleuth!

Cute about John Entwistle's little known "H addiction". ;-) As usual, Pete's adorable sense of humor.

Adorable baby pics all-round too. Some of John I hadn't seen before and one Pete too. (ADORABLE!!)

ROB said...

Yeah I know...It's my 3rd friggin post here!
After reading all your comments, I thought of some stuff though.

I was a bit bummed that they kind of skipped over the "Who By Numbers" and "Who Are You" albums so quickly. Especially "Who By Numbers" if only for the fact that it was a very telling album. It really captured the disenchantment of Pete and also his frustration at that point in time. Kind of in the way the "Empty Glass album did.

Also, I hadn't even finished watching when I posted last night and I was happy to see the final scene which was taken from the show in Long Beach this year. I was at that show and Watching the "Tea and Theatre" at the end brought back memories of how great Roger's voice sounded on that song that night.

Which brings me to Aaron Jr.s comment regarding Roger. I agree Aaron Jr., Roger is as much a genius as anyone in The Who. I condider him the greatest Rock singer ever. He is pure emotion and pure charisma. Pete probably didn't mean it the way it came out...we all do that from time to time...I do it quite often actually! LOL!


Lucy said...

Yeah, about Pete's comment about Roger. That was probably said several years ago (?) (I'm guessing?) We're constantly evolving, and we say things one day, then don't mean them the next (and I think Pete's particularly known for this!!), so I take it with a grain of salt. :-)

Now it's a moment frozen in time.

But it's all part and parcel of how Pete and Roger have always related to each other, so it's reality. It just is. The point is, they love each other now (as proven by the final comments)... although Pete loves to emphasize how "unalike" they are. LOL It just cracks me up.

You reminded me Rob. Yes. One part I was really surprised they left out was the near tragedy of losing Pete. This never made the papers and now it doesn't make the documentary. Really surprising. Well, I suppose there was already enough tragedy in the story. Actually a Who documentary really needs to be at LEAST 3 hours long. Really.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

I think Roger's genius came about when he found the Who voice in the Tommy era. I think Pete tried to get this across but with all the material between the two comments the link is lost somewhat. The Who would not be who they are without his vocals and his interpretation of Pete's material.

Tink said...

Yup .. agreed on that Dave, Rob, Lucy. It would take genius to interpret into vocals the music Pete wrote. Inspirational genius is different from "cognitive" genius. Roger had to develop confidence in his own brand of genius. And yeah ... it took the story of Tommy to do that. Amazing.

Aaron .. it was like a little gut punch to hear Pete say that about Roger, eh? I was taken aback for a moment, too. But, Pete was being honest about how Roger was viewed at the time - so long ago. I thought he played a mean harmonica in that Railway Hotel footage. What was the song they did? The blues song.

Oh pum pah doo? I can't remember the title. duh. But, it was wonderful to hear.

Kenney Jones is still extremely good-looking! He was excellent. I felt so sorry for him, knowing that the expectation was there back then, for him to "fill in" Moonie's shoes. It was an impossible situation and you could see how emotional that experience was - still - for him. :o(

Really, the emotions throughout this film were almost unbearable at times. It really is exceptional.

Lin-no-da said...

My comment on what Aaron mentioned and Rob followed up on, about Pete saying Rog was 'just a singer' here's what I got out of that....

Pete made the comment early on in the documentary when they were in the late 60's Mod stage and he said they were all musical geniuses and Rog was just a singer (I totally agree with that)

THEN Pete pointed out later in the Docu that after Tommy started being performed Roger CHANGED into the persona of Tommy and really learned how to 'give' to the audience and get in touch with them and that he had grown immenseley as a performer.

So, The Roger that is there now is the amazing singer, performer that 'is the best interpreter of my (Pete's) music that I could have hoped for'

so , that to me is accurate and that is Exactly how I feel when I watch the Old School tight, introspective, Roger versus the wonderful performer and strong voice of Roger that as Aaron says 'we can't take our eyes off him, onstage'

Just my 2 cents...

Lin-no-da said...

I like what Tink said as well...
nicely put!