Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Executive Producer of Iron

My son had his 10th birthday last week, and one of the gifts I got for him was the animated movie, The Iron Giant (1999). Though it jumped right out at me from a grocery store rack, honestly, when I picked it up, I didn't make the connection right away but suspected it was the same story as The Iron Man (coz ... where've I been all these years? I missed it when it first came out somehow. But as you'll see below, my son says he remembers seeing the movie a few years ago.) Anyway, sure enough, I looked on the back and saw PT, Exec Producer. Cool, I thought. For sure I'm buying it. (My son loves robots and transformers, so... it was sure to be a hit with him too, I thought, smiling to myself).

Here's what my son had to say about getting the DVD for his birthday (he addresses this directly to PT; I told him this isn't Pete's blog, just a fan blog, but he wanted to speak to PT anyway):

"When I first looked at the back of The Iron Giant DVD that I got for my birthday, the biggest coincidence happened to me. I couldn't believe that you were the producer of The Iron Giant. I had seen the movie a few years ago but I didn't even know about you then so I wasn't that surprised back then."

(part of the reason my son was so thrilled is because he wants to be a "movie producer" when he grows up ... wants to go to "film school"... the other reason is, I think he's slowly becoming "a fan"... :-) And yes, it put a huge grin on my son's face to see PT's name on the back of the box. I have to say I was amazed.)

Anyway, he and I watched the movie together. I was surprised how little of a connection I was able to make to PT. The only apparent link to him at all is his name in little letters on the back of the box, under Executive Producer. Otherwise, you'd never know. Needless to say, I was a teeny bit disappointed. Wasn't there going to be some Pete music on this?? The soundtrack music was fine, but a bit soporific. (No PT.) As was the pace of the movie, at least till about 3/4 through. Very cute film though... and nice addition to the PT collection .. of sorts.

Isn't there ANOTHER Iron person film? (I know there's the musical, but is there another film? I've seen a YouTube video of what looks like a clip from a markedly different film (for the song, "A Friend is a Friend") - or was that just a one-off promo video for the song?

I could look all this up, and will continue to be as ignorant as I feel, but it's more fun to make it a group effort. :-)

(p.s. it wasn't my idea to post to this blog -- my son wanted me to do this for him.)


Tink said...

Iron Giant! That is one of my older son's favorites. (he was 10 this year, too) :o) I recorded it off some kids channel a few years ago. The tape was so worn that it broke to bits. You reminded me to look for it on DVD. Thanks!

I had *no* idea that PT was exec. producer on that. None whatsoever. I must be a regular dolt, too. I missed that somewhere along the way. Wow!

Nice note to Mr. Townshend, Lucy's son.
Good going!

Tink said...

I mean Lucy's son wrote a nice note to Mr. Townshed. Not that Mr. Townshend is Lucy's son. Ach. You knew what I meant. lol

Tink said...

I cannot spell these days. Sorry. Make that Townshend.

Was this the animated feature based on the Iron Man book?

p.s. Harry Connick, Jr. did one of the voices. Not sure which one.

Tink said...

So sorry. One more. I got all excited as I really liked the story.

Michael Kamen wrote the score for the Iron Giant. I'm almost positive that Pete mentioned Michael Kamen in something, somewhere ... hm.... thinking:

Lucy said...

Yeah.. the music was nice ... just a bit nondescript. Of course I've only watched the movie once so far, so I'm no expert.

Townshed? Makes me think of Mr. Arthur "Twosheds" Jackson...

And yeah, HC Jr. played the guy on the motorcycle with the 5 o'clock shadow.

P.S. They were selling the DVD at Kroger for only $10.

MargieCM said...

I vaguely recall that the video for "A Friend is a Friend" was done as a stand-alone. Could be wrong, but I remember seeing it on a Saturday music show and the presenter saying "Wow - and haven't they spent some money on that". It's an impressive clip. I haven't seen the one you have here.

That's a sweet letter your son wrote Lucy.

ROB said...

Pete really had absolutely nothing to do with the movie from what I remember reading. I can't remember exactly why his name appears on the back but it was kind of just an acknowledgement I think. Damn...I'll double right back.

O.K. here's what I found:

In 1989, Pete Townshend of The Who released a concept album based on the book The Iron Man titled The Iron Man: A Musical. Townshend and stage director Des McAnuff developed a stage version that had a successful run at The Old Vic Theatre in London in 1993. They originally wanted to produce a film version of the stage production, but McAnuff and Warner Bros. agreed it would work better as a non-musical animated feature. Although this film is very different than Townshend's concept, he is still credited as an executive producer.

As for the Michael Kamen reference:

You may recall him from "Roger Daltrey, A Celebration: The Music of Pete Townshend and The Who" a CD and mini tour Roger did with a full orchestra on his 50th birthday. Michael Kamen conducted and arranged for the orchestra.

If any of you haven't heard this CD or the DVD of it, I highly recommend it. It is amazingly beautiful. I was fortunate enough to see the show at the Greek Theatre in L.A. It was one of the top 10 concerts I've ever attended.


Lin-no-da said...

again, ur2 funny withthe Mr. Townshend, Lucy's son... apparently Lucy had a 20 year old baby son when she was one or two- sounds painful.

Lucy, very sweet and touching, spread the music to the future generations girl!

Are you teaching him guitar?


Lucy said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comments; I showed my son. He smiled really big!

Yes, lin, I've tried to teach my son a little guitar but I'm afraid he gets impatient very easily. I have a feeling he'd do much better with someone other than me! (who has very little patience for impatience!) He does have a little guitar of his own, waiting to be played...

And thanks for your contributions to my understanding of the iron people, rob and margie.

p.s. yes as a matter of fact childbirth was very painful, lin.

TedMaloney said...

This is a great movie. There's something about this film that hits home. Even though I was born in the late 60s, there was enough residual 50s cold war feelings in the air through the 70s that this movie is oddly nostalgic.

My kids give it only a decent rating, but for some reason...and not really the PT or Iron Man works for me.


Dale said...

One of the best movies my kids and I have ever watched - over and over and over and over...