Wednesday, October 3, 2007

what would you ask...

So, let's say you are a reporter for Rolling Stone...
and someone says you have a chance to interview Pete and you get all excited.
You get all spiffed up, manicure, pedicure, enema (just jokin') and you buy a new suit or dress, whatever floats your boat. You get a new hairdo and your teeth cleaned. You get a facial. a new recording device and a pencil and paper for backup in case it fails (like it did to some reporter in 2006 and he had to lend him his device). You shine up your camera. You show up at the interview...

What's the one question that has been buggin' you for aeons and you just need to ask?

You are a clever lot and I am sure there are things you want to ask PDBT.




atomicelroy said...

What is your favourite colour?

ROB said...

So many questions I'd have, here's just a few:

1) Are you a Phil Hendrie fan?

2) When will you appear on the Howard Stern show and will you perform there?

3) Who's bigger you or Daltrey?

4) Do you hang to the left or to the right?

5) Ever had a threesome?

6) Ever had a nose job? It seems smaller than it used to be.

7) What's your favorite Who album?

8) Why Kenny Jones?

9) Do you still keep in touch with Joe Walsh or Leslie West much?

10) When are you and Rachel gonna tie the knot and will you two have children?

11) Why aren't Deep Purple in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?

12) Have you ever wished someone dead and if so, who?

I probably would have to shift the order around to avoid getting punched in the mouth too early into the interview huh? Timing and placement is everything.

MargieCM said...

Is there anything the poor man hasn't been asked yet? I think I'd just throw the notebook, recorder and camera away and ask him to lunch. A long, unstructured, off-the-record conversation would be wonderful. Rolling Stone would give me the sack for not coming back with a story, but I could live with that.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Oi, especially with question #2 Rob, last time Pete was on Stern he walked out!

::Would've too, actually would've prolly not even have accepted the invitation to go on::


BlackVelvetLace said...

Sounds like a great plan Margie. If I had a question to ask I think it would be...

Can I have your autograph Pete? :P


Lucy said...

enema? LOL

Oh boy, this is a toughie.

I'll have to sleep on it...

(cool post tho', Lin).

I'm tired tonight... off to bed early... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Tink said...

In the interest of the question theme and fun of the blog post, I'll have a go.

I love that question AE.

Margie ... that sounds like heaven.

Lace ... excellent!

And Rob ... lol I'd want to know, but couldn't ask # 4. And #12 is very interesting! I think you would have to juggle the order too, in order to avoid the noggin punch. lol

There are so many that would be fun to know or ask. But, what I've been dying to ask for eons? hm. You mean besides, Do you close your eyes when you kiss? And let me verify your answer!!!? :o)

What's your favorite dessert?

What is your most beloved medium when drawing/designing?

Can I check to see if you close your eyes when you kiss?

What is your favorite photograph of yourself?

Did you ever have an embarrassing bodily function occur on stage?

Were you present at the births of your children?

What is the favorite thing you've written.

Will you marry me?


ROB said...

Lace said:

Oi, especially with question #2 Rob, last time Pete was on Stern he walked out!

It was a big misunderstanding with Howard, Lace. Roger ended up filling in for Pete, which was nice. Pete said he'd be back on his show sometime in the future, no hard feelings between them. Afterall, It wasn't anything Howard said that made Pete walk off the show in the first place. I gotta say I was heart broken that morning though. I'm sure it would have been the best interview Pete's ever done. Howard is the best interviewer I've ever heard.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

OK, hmmm, what to ask...well of course

Would you marry me? Eh, wait...

OK, I know....

Pete, I've got this really dry skin on my elbows, do you know of any creams that I could rub on them to alleviate the problem.

Wait, he already answered that....

I'll keep working on it.....but this was a great post!

Wait I've got you know who the mysterious creator of this blog is?

Lin-no-da said...

Nice one, Dave, about the elbow cream.... you made me lol.

I wantd to ask him about why he chose to "play drums for real" on Mike Post Theme on the last album. I meant to ask him in the bookstore but I blanked after the handshake and photo, yup, what a dork.

Other music related questions not like Rob's bizarre interests, but Rob was just takin' the mickey on my silly blogpost I am sure cause Rob rocks!

Perfect Holiday spot?

Perfect Sandwich?

What item can he not live without? Things of that nature... i suppose I would like to know...

Tink, you were funny too

ROCK ON Blogdogs!


Sidney said...

Do you know, last night I was thinking about Pete's new blog and thinking: Wouldn't it be fab to ask him if we could post a question from each of us that he would answer on a forum. That would be great.
This morning I open up TOWHM and here you all are doing just that. Mental telepathy I tell you...some grid synchronicity. Fantastic.

Umm...I have sooooo many questions for the man. I would love to know from him quite a personal question really. I would ask him how he manages his no alcohol lifestyle. I always have taken my hat off to the man for coming out sober from the other side. I would love to know how he maintains this sober equilibrium from a physical and spiritual angle.
Yes, I guess that would be my question to him - well my main one anyway - apart from the 20 000 other ones I would love to ask.

BlackVelvetLace said...

I know Rob, and from what I recall it wasn't Howard, per se, but Robin who was insensitive and intrusive, but I've lost taste for Howard over the years. I recall listening to his show daily driving to work in NJ in the late 80's. Much of what he did/said was truly funny then, but he seemed to sink to a level of juvenile stupidity from there. Even Allison got sick of it and left him. JHMO.


Lin-no-da said...
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eyesite2theblind said...

The first thing I would do is giuve him a hug. You should always hug the ones you care about. The first question I would ask is why did jimmy page play the solo on cant explain and not you. If you were to put a band together today other than THE WHO what musicians would you pick to work with. If you had to do an album of cover songs what would the songs be. My last question would be would ever think of adopting and 8 year old american boy from Cape Cod Mass.

MargieCM said...

Sidney - I think yours is an especially good question. And Aaron, LOVED your opening suggestion. Quite right too.

Lucy said...

I'd ask him what's under his bed.

(no, just kidding...)

Still thinkin'.....

Lin-no-da said...

I love Aaron...
he is so sincere and so truthful and just a sweetie

a BIG HUG to you Aaron
great questions, bud!


ROB said...

Aaron Jr. asked:

My last question would be would ever think of adopting and 8 year old american boy from Cape Cod Mass.

Well Rob says:

Get in line Kiddo! I saw him first!
Besides, You've got great parents already; I'm a 37 year old orphan in need of guidance.

And Pete, if you adopt me I can give you a tour of the Leo Fender museum her in Fullerton, Ca. Free of charge. I've got connections:)

Lucy said...

OK -- I think it would be interesting to know (from Pete's point of view): how have Pete and Rachel rubbed off on each other over the years? How has become more like her? How has she become more like him? Sometimes there's role-reversal in couples over time. What have they picked up from each other? How have they influenced each other?

I'm sure Pete's more into pink ponies now than he used to be...

Lin-no-da said...

I might just throw down the notepad, break the tape recorder and whip out a Gibson J-200 from my back pocket and just beg him to play Sheraton Gibson whilst I close my eyes...

that would be SWEET!


Sidney said...


Dave from Pennsylvania said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave from Pennsylvania said...

I'm not even going to go into the whole hug Pete thing.....last time I went to hug Chicago at Martyrs last year...he said "I better not, I'm infectious" day later I came down with (evidently the rock and roll) flu.....always listen to Pete is the lesson I learned.....actually I think this date from the week before gave it to me...LOL.....I paid a thousand dollars once, one night to just give Pete a I remember why I don't have any money to buy his clothing on ebay.

eyesite2theblind said...


I dont care how sick he was I still hug him. You only get one chance and that is one I would take.

Rob- you might have first dibs on him but I am only eight and the kid thing works good.

Lin- awesome picture that one will also be on my wall. we got to get together and jam

ROB said...

O.K. Aaron Jr.

I give up, you win!


Tink said...

What's under his bed? You know Lucy ... that's a great question! You could ask him about those pink ponies. :o)

Psychic Sidney! Very cool. I wonder if the Meher Baba teachings help him?

Aaron Jr., that's a good one, too. What would he choose for an album of cover songs.

Lin, do you think it would be a sausage sandwish? lol

Dave, you could always ask if he realizes you two now share DNA. Viral that is. :o)

And YES! I meant to comment on this photo. He looks incredible. Is that Gibson a beauty? wow.

Lucy said...

OK, as I was driving my magic bus... er magic Jetta on a road trip today, I rounded up some questions I've actually been meaning to ask Pete for a while now.

1) Pete -- is there any style or genre of music you actually don't care for? (always wondered that!) (maybe the answer's none)(I hope not, though, coz it'd be interesting to know..)

2) Pete -- what are your five favorite instruments to play and in what order?

3) umm... I've forgotten the third one!

Lin-no-da said...

Aaron, so glad you liked that pic!
An eternal open jam invitation is open anytime to you and your family if you are in town, you know where I live, kiddo!

Tink, Sausage sandwich? I'll have to go back and re-read what I wrote, don't know what i said about a sausage sandwich but I am pretty sleepy right now, just took some Nyquil.

and to Suesjoy, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hey. I wish we could have met up too but Fred got in the way!
How dare he.

I am so glad that this question thread took off... I almost didn't ask it, but you guys came through once again.

Cheered me up after a horrific Ebay day today with a complete psych job whacko.

Blogger Love

Lucy said...

oh yeah. Remembered the third question.

What's your biggest fear? (if that's not too personal)...

BlackVelvetLace said...

This is a great thread, and Aaron, you made my day kiddo. Are you sure you're not actually 27 in a midget's body?? :P


BlackVelvetLace said...

you know, I saw a great Rachel YouTube yesterday and posted it to TOWHM. Or so I thought. The *post* went through, but it's not here and so... I wonder where I actually posted it LOL.


Lucy said...

OK, one more for Pete: show us something you've sketched or drawn, or painted! Anything! I'll even take a doodle.

Lin-no-da said...

How did you know Aaron was 27 in a midget's body? Actually the PC term is little person or person of short stature, see I learned a lot from watching 'Little People, Big World' I love that show!

Lucy, good question, about the drawings, I agree I'd like to see some artwork of his!

The mysterious blog administrator has not chimed in on this strain...
hmmm.... peculiar!


Delbut said...

Um, Hi Pete. how do you switch this recorder on? Thanks, mate. How they hanging?

Lucy said...

Two more for Pete:

1) What's the best thing about being famous (don't rub it in!)

2) What's the worst thing about being famous (don't rub it in!)

(OK, I'm being a little facetious...) ;-)

Lucy said...

And.... one more....

(surely not my last...)

Pete: In what ways did working for a publishing company differ most from being a be-your-own-boss musical artist? In what ways was this work similar? What things did you prefer about your "real job" (if anything) over your rock stardom job? And vice versa... (I feel like I'm conducting a job interview...)

Suesjoy said...

Hey Lin where did you find that pic?
Very nice.


Ok I will think about this.
I already asked him if he'd play at my music festival and he said yes, of course (only 'cuz Rachel said yes first, and he said he has no choice but to go wherever SHE goes!).
I am serious about my festival, btw. Lawrence Ball wants my phone number (no joke).
I said, "get in line, mister."
nah not really.
He did say keep in touch! I need to make a few phone calls before getting back to him.
So...Bloggerfest in Taiwan!
My friend Laura made a myspace site for the's:

Suesjoy said...

Is it scary that I know what PDBT stands for?

eyesite2theblind said...

Ha ha me too Suejoy

Peter Dennis Blanford Townshend

Tink said...

Nah ... shucks! That's not scary. That's darn cool.

Lin-no-da said...

Sue WHO:

The photo is from the Gibson guitar website and it is one of the photos showing him with that signature J-200. The other one is standing but not as smiley, this one is better.

I just ordered that guitar.
Can't wait to get my muddy paws on it!!!

It is a big guitar to me with a Jumbo body and he makes it look so small with those enormous hands.

Did Rocco DeLuca say yes to your Formosafest?
Hope so!


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

I have one of the SJ's (Pete's special edition of course.)

It is an awesome guitar; although I had to buy an equalizer to sit between it and the amp. Very powerful uncontrollable preamp, I guess.

Janice said...

I would like to know why you changed the Sally Simpson character in the stage version of "Tommy"?

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho you're amazing.


Suesjoy said...

nah, INSANE is more like it, Lace!
Just blame Fred...oh wait, Fred is dead.
But he was alive and kicking when I met R&P!

Lucy said...

Wow, I haven't seen this many comment postings since.... Pete's blog.

It's starting to look good-ol'!

Suesjoy said...

oh thanks, Lin. He's such a handsome fella these days.

Dave you may as well be speaking Chinese! Pete is synonymous with "powerful," on many levels.

Lin-no-da said...

Lucy said:

Wow, I haven't seen this many comment postings since.... Pete's blog.

It's starting to look good-ol'!

I agree...
I was thinking the same thing myself...

'tis nice to see the old gang coming together even if it is only a certain few, it seems to be growing as we wait for PaPa Pete...


Lucy said...

Surprised I didn't remember this earlier.

I've wondered. What situations give Pete a case of the "nerves"? (if anything) Since performing never seems make him nervous.

God, it makes ME nervous!!!!

Tink said...

50 .. 50 ... I gotcha 50. 51 .. 51 .. do I hear 51?

it is a nice comment-y post!


You know when I think he was nervous? Facing the "press" Remember the hilarious "Sesame Street" fruit bowl video? While adorable and cocky, he was nervous! Although maybe it was boredom and wishing to be elsewhere ... am pretty sure it was anxiety. Yes ... it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on that one!

Tink said...

omg. Janice! Where you been???


Lucy said...

Yeah, I think you may be right about the Sesame Street clip. :-) Adorable as hell, it was! Very little kid-y. (I just may go back and revisit it. The look of gleeful pride on his face at the end is worth the 45 seconds or so of time spent. LOL)

OTOH I get nervous just WATCHING others!

I think being nervous (in particular the stagefright kind) is just about the worst sensation in the world. No wonder it makes some people throw up. I read somewhere that Carly Simon has suffered with stagefright her entire life (even to this day), and used to have her band give her a spanking before a show and/or she'd stick pins in her hands to distract herself. I can totally, totally understand!!

Tink said...

I hope that's not true ... the pin sticking part. Yikes. That's very extreme.

...her band gave her spankings???

Happy band, i'll bet.


Guto said...