Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The blog gods have spoken!

This site shall remain open for the duration of all time!!

Or until everyone here picks up their ball and goes home for good! This blog is unfolding just as I hoped it would, each of you contributing things for all of us to comment on, with no one person feeling pressured to keep it going. I personally am absent for chunks of time and have great faith that all who have stepped up to be blogger team members will carry on with competence and kindness. The contributions have been great, the friendship among those here very apparent. I'd only ask that we all continue to watch about copyright violation, both for ourselves and anyone who comes along and comments, and keep remembering a few words once written by our man PT-

A friend is a friend
Nothing can change that
Arguments, squabbles
Can't break the contract
That each of you makes
To the death, to the end
Deliver your future
Into the hands of your friend

Blog on!!


Lin-no-da said...

Very sweet, oh mysterious one, I feel loved!

Now if I could just win a broken watch...

ha ha ha

just jokin'

Love this place!


The Ones Who Heard Music said...

You are loved Lin! And your contributions are great. :)

Blog on!!

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

I personally thought I'd have looked quite dashing in the Chinese Eyes jacket, possibly the shades, but alas.

Blog on!!

Lin-no-da said...

If it fit you then god Bless
Pete was quite trim back then and I imagine the jacket would have been quite narrow...

One day i will see it in a Hard Rock somewhere...

on to bigger and better things...
tally HO! & don't call me a Ho!

oh mysterious one


ROB said...

Cool! You made the right choice. For this you shall be rewarded with all of our combined wisdom, insight and perhaps a little goofy humor and silliness as well. Mainly the latter from myself anyway. Wisdom and me don't seem to mix, but there's always a slim chance I may say something deemed intelligent:)

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

In the words of one we love "Rock the F**k On (edited for our young blog contributor)

Tink said...