Monday, October 29, 2007

Procrastinate...WHO me???

Well, all you lovelies.
Looky here.
After a mere TWENTY - FIVE YEARS I finally got up the courage to have slides of my first Who show processed! I had to leave my country to finally get the nerve (and common sense) to do it!

I always feared that someone would steal my I never had the slides processed. BUT!
As luck would have it, I "recovered" these slides while packing for my move abroad to Taipei, Taiwan. I found a dude to process these slides and I had them back ON THE SAME DAY! ALL 12 slides are safe and sound, on top of my bureau right now.

I took these in Worcester, MA in 1982 (the FIRST "farewell tour"). Security confiscated my film, but NOT the camera, which was loaded with a roll of film. Of course these shots were not taken from the front row, as you can see. They are not so hot, but they are speical to me!

I have no idea what Pete was up to when he was "gearing up" to play. Sniffing 4711 maybe? :) Rog and John were really getting fed up, as you can see (or not!!)! Those BOYZ. Whaddya gonna do?
I hope you enjoy them...I saved the best for last. Of course, they are scanned so the quality is not very good. But it's the THOUGHT that counts, right??? :)
Peace and Love,


Delbut said...

AS i was a voice of reason on the last topic, i'm going to be a dirty, potty-mouthed little shit on this one.

Right, what was i going to say? Oh, yeah. fucking Ace photos Sue. Specially the last one. Classic pose.

As for Pete and Rach not going to the US for the premiere. Bummer. I managed to get front row tics for the UK premiere next Monday and if they dont turn up to this one, i'm going to get a tube to Richmond and piss on his front door and shout obscenities through his letter box.

"Oy, Pete", i'll shout " Get your arse out here and compensate me to the tune of £50 of her Majesty's folding stuff(minus the usual cost of a cinema ticket -if you insist) or i'm going to...or i'm going to... um, i'm going to tell Rog you called him cunt and he's going to come a calling, so there!" "oh, yeah, and i wont subscribe a further £25 to read the ramblings of an otherwise, interesting musical genius."

Go on, Pete, try destroying my plans for a WHo weekend and you'll be sorry.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Well that about sums it up, Del....

Sue...great pic's...thanks for had better seats than I did for the 82 tour....


ROB said...

Nice shots Sue.
I'm jealous. I wanted so bad to go to that tour but couldn't. I was only 12 at the time and my parents (being old fogies) wouldn't drive me there. I didn't know any other Who fans my age either then..there were none. Well, actually there was one, but I didn't meet him until the day after the show when I found out HE went. We actually started a band soon afterward. I helped teach him to play bass and he became VERY good. We played together up 'til our early 20's until he got married and ruined everything! She was the Yoko Ono of our band.

Anyway, I'm glad you got to go. At least I have the video tape of the Toronto show. I've watched it 100's of times.

Tink said...

Ah Sue! Too cool. I LOVE #10. It's a really beautiful shot of the 2. It's amazing what survives through the years!

(the Yoko Ono of your band, Rob?) lol Does she sing? bwah hahaha

Lucy said...


Best post yet.

(I'll be back later with comments. Off for a nap now .... zzzzz)

Suesjoy said...

Del dearest~
How you always "manage" these front row tix boggles the mind! Don't worry...they'll be at the LONDON premiere- I'm SURE! The friend who passed away was probably his accountant (?) - remember - he had cancer - Pete mentioned it on ITA.
Smile pretty, my favorite potty mouthed little shit you! :)

Hey Dave! Well, I don't think I sat in my seat very long...I wandered around alot...taking pics surreptitiously!

Hello there Rob~
I was 20 years old. My dad was awesome and spoiled me rotten by carting my friends and I to shows as early as 8th grade. He never chaperoned either...he'd WAIT for us...sometimes security guards would let him watch the end of shows. He saw Bruce Springsteen dance on the amps! Dad took me in the middle of the night to Providence in 1979 and waited in line with me for Who tix- I got floor tix - only to have the show canceled by the idiotic Mayor (because of the Cincinatti tragedy).
Aw...sorry about your band. I like Yoko though...I don't blame her for breaking up the Beatles! :)

Tink! Yeah I love #10 too. I thought the pics would be clearer though! Oh well. I can't believe I FINALLY got them developed. It makes me happy!

Hi Lucy- Why thanks! This is my first post here...about time!

Lin-no-da said...

'Tis a Grand first post Sue...
that last photo (of Pete flying high in a full split in midair) is what I remember of that tour, Pete jumping around like a madman, That is the Pete I first went gaga over as a pre-teen. All those clothes they are wearing (Roger with too many zippers) were etched into my brain as I rewatched the Toronto show about 87,000 times when the video came out and it was on HBO remember? I still have it on VHS. Taped it off TV.

I even remember all the stuff Pete said into the mic because I watched iot so many times.
After 'Boris the spider' was over someone threw a spider on the stage in the video and he stomped on it while playing guitar and he said 'There it is, it's there, it's come back from the dead!' and proceeded to make sure the rubber spider was dead while the crowd went nuts. Remember?

Priceless Classic Stuff
Thanks for sharing

Suesjoy said...

Ooh Lin I DO remember that Boris bit!
hee hee
Thanks for reminding me.
Yeah I love Pete's Flock of Seagulls hair!

I wish I had taken better pics of John...

Glad you enjoyed them Lin!


Sidney said...

Aaah you guys are soooooooooo lucky to see The Who Live. When I was young (er) I used to have to go video hunting for ANY kind of Who material. I used to go ballistic if I found any footage like the first time I found "The Kids are Alright" in a video store in no-man's land. I could not believe my luck. You have no idea what the internet does for me now. Whenever I see a good pic or two I go "imagine if I had had this utility (internet) when I was about 12 or so". But all those years later I am still a fan so all is good. Great pics. Thanks for putting them up.

Lucy said...



I can understand your fear about having your images stolen. Having said this, it's a good thing you didn't post them as huge files here.

But it's amazing the film held up as well as it did all these years! What a wonderful present to yourself and to other fans! And I think they're pretty fantastic. That last one where you've captured Pete mid-air is as good as any I've seen -- it can't have been easy to catch him right at that apex! Magnificent! How lucky you were to be at that show. This is the same tour as the one mentioned in the Chicago newspaper clippings I posted a couple of months ago. (It took me 25 years to post them as well. :-))

Pete in #s 5 and 8: priceless! Esp. #8. The shadows and lighting give him a racoon effect. And what an expression! Cute, though ... of course.

Thanks again, Sue. :-)

Tink said...

True Lucy ... #8 .. I was thinking what is he *doing* ?? It looks like there is a "ghost" hand behind his head holding up two fingers, making the "V" or "peace" sign thingie.

Ghosts .. *just* in time for Halloween. mroohahahahha.

p.s. Sue .. incredible that right here, before our eyes, on TOWHM .. that's right .. here and now .. drum roll::::: "The Never Before Seen Footage of The Who in Woostah" I'm so weirdly *proud* of you for getting these developed!


Dale said...

Excellent photos, Sue!

There was a reason you waited to put them up - so we, who can appreciate them so much will enjoy them.

Thanks so much.


Lucy said...

Tink. I was gonna say those are John Entwistle's drink straws. But I won't, coz that would spoil your apparition theory.


These pictures are as fantastic as any "officially published" photos, Sue.

Suesjoy said...

Aw shucks...thanks ladies.
I'm so glad you enjoyed them.
My husband thought they were CRAP, btw. He's so good for my ego...
I KNEW y'all would like 'em.
Dale- you're right - timing is EVERYTHING...things have a way of working out for me lately!

Poor Sidney - I hope you get to see the Who one day. Those who have had the good fortune to see them should be grateful. I am!


BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho these photos are amazing and they are exclusive to here!!!!!!!! THAT'S amazing too!!!!!

Pretty awesome for a first post at TOWHM girlfriend. Thanks so much for sharing them!!! I LOVE the last one.

PS Rob, the Yoko Ono of your band, you just kill me.

PPS ::Just washes Dels mouth out with soap.. for about the billionth time::: :P


Suesjoy said...

Thanks Lace!
Glad you liked 'em.
Maybe I should send a copy of the last one to Pete!

Are you back from blogation?
Missed ya!
Love ya!
Mean it!