Friday, October 12, 2007

Special request from Rob...

Hey everyone:
Hope you are all doing well tonight.
I have a special request from Rob to post a link to this very cool myspace page that he has discovered. Rob asks and Rob shall receive. It is a cool site with very thorough coverage and cool photos.

Click on the blogpost title to go there...

and by the way...
here is a special photo for my bud Aaron.
He says this is one of his faves, mine too.
I have it in my living room, get lots of questions about it but I always call it the photo that was in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.



eyesite2theblind said...

Hi Lin,

Yes I love this photo it kind of says it all. Thanks for posting it.

love ya,

Aaron jr

ROB said...

Thanks Lin:

Chances are, I was the only person here not already aware of this link, but just in case, thanks for putting it up for everyone. I especially dug the 4 part 1974 Pete interview. I know snippets of it are in The Kids Are Alright, but I had never heard the whole interview.

Cool Deal,

BlackVelvetLace said...

Oh, the Myspace is great! I think I've had Roger's hairdo (4th pic down on left side) at some gawdawful point in my life. :P

As for the picture, I can't imagine ripping off a nail onstage (altho I once did slip off my guitar too quickly and gashed my eyebrow open.. lotsa blood) from windmilling. Actually I cannot imagine windmilling LOL.

Lin you play guitar, no??


BlackVelvetLace said...

Lin, the infamous pic that made pete cry is on the comments section of the myspace. Pete looks quite vulnerable and adorable in it IMO.


Lin-no-da said...

Oh thanks Lace:
I will go check out the 'made me cry' photo just to see which one it is. I am sure it is in some Who book or piece of memorabilia that I own somewhere...

and yes, I do play guitar but on a 1 to 10 scale I am prbably a 3 or 4, I dabble. I am really a trumpet player and a drummer.

I have been trying to perfect Sheraton Gibson for ages and it is just so hard to pick for me (in perfect time anyway). PEte, as you know, has enormous hands, and so does my friend who teaches me guitar, so it is like trying to stretch and not get a hand cramp. I ahve pretty big hands for a chick but that song is tough, I need a lesson from the man!



PS: Just receive the PT SJ-200 Gibson yesterday and I swear angels sang when I opened the case. That guitar is so light and gorgeous and powerful and so freakin' cool. I played a 'D' , nearly wet myself and put it down. The sitka spruce and the maple are unbelieveable to look at.

I never thought I would hold one! Albeit, I was wearing two socks on my hands when I held it so as not to fingerprint or scratch...


Lin-no-da said...
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Lin-no-da said...

is this the link to the photo in question???

ok I cannot get the link to come into the post but is it the one where it is Keith, John , Rog (l to r) in fron to f the Union Jack and PEte up front all alone looking sad?

If it is I love that photo...

they all look very young, sweet and innocent. Funny that what we percieve to be the first thing people notice is usually the last thing people notice until we point it out to them. I never thought of that as a nose exploitation shot, ever!


Lucy said...

me neither, lin.

He was just very sensitive about it, obviously. :-(

Tink said...

"I swear angels sang when I opened the case..."

lol Lin! That was a beautiful line. I could hear them from here! Your excitement about the guitar is so touching.

Lace ... on the Roger hair. I looked at that photo and thought EXACTLY the same thing. omg. LMAO.


Does everyone know that tomorrow is October 13th?


Very good.

Now, did you know it's LUCY'S BIRTHDAY???? :oD

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Dave from Pennsylvania said...


I remember when my I opened my PT SJ.....smelt like fresh lumber....gorgeous....white like an angel....perhaps it was your guitar is the best acoustic I ever played.....I remember my daughters were there when I opened it....they loved it; I actually let the little buggers hold that is love.....

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Thanks for posting the My Space site.....

ROB said...

Dave in PA. said:

I remember my daughters were there when I opened it....they loved it; I actually let the little buggers hold that is love.....

Man Dave, that is love. I won't let anyone play my Les Paul to this day. I've had it since 1990 and apart from my hands, it is still a virgin (as far as I know that is). My little niece wanted to play it/hold it when she was a baby and cried when I wouldn't let her. I quickly grabbed another guitar and gave that to her. I can't stand seeing kids cry, I'd make a terrible parent I'm afraid.

Now I'm picturing Pete doing the same thing with his kids years ago. I have this image of Pete not wanting his small children to damage, drool on, or scratch one of his guitars. I'm picturing him doing this and then smashing the thing to splinters the following night. That would have made a cool scene in "The Kid's Are Alright" even if it is fictional (perhaps).


Lin-no-da said...

Great comment Rob:
I hope your LP has not been cheating on you!

Don't forget, about PT, there is that quote that says 'I am not the kind of guy who sits around and polishes my guitar, I PLAY the damn thing'... or something to that effect.

Especailly since he has so many and, as you mentioned, has destroyed a few in his own time, I can more imagine him sitting there with his son at age 4 or 5 saying, 'no sweetie, hold it this way for a better grip and then let the bugger hit the floor with all your body weight behind it!... good boy!'

Also, I heard another interesting tidbit on the net (forgot where) whilst browsing about a month ago and somebody said that they had NEVER seen Pete destroy a Gibson, only Fenders and other guitars. I like that idea, even if it isn't true. I could never hurt a Gibson.


now blogodgs will scour the web to try to find a photo to prove this wrong and evidenc that PT has destroyed Gibsons. The live smashes I have seen in concert have always been Fenders. the one in Rachel's coffee table, a Fender.


ROB said...


Come to thing of it, I don't recall ever seeing Pete destroy a Gibson either. We've all seen the "This Guitar Has Seconds To Live" poster I'm sure, but we never see it actually hit the ground. Hmmm...I also have photos of Pete throwing his Les Paul 20 ft. in the air but again. I don't see it hit the ground. Oh, but wait...At woodstock he definitely smashed an SG right? It wasn't easy, but he did it. Gibson's are tough to break for the most part I've heard. I remember Michael Schenker shot the photo for the album cover of his album called "Built To Destroy" where he is smashing a Flying V on the windshield of a Mercedes. He said he went through like 5 Merecedes before he got the Flying V to break! LOL!


Lin-no-da said...

Excellent point, my friend!

But I should have been more specific, I do remember him breaking an SG now that you mention it, but I have only ever seen one photo of him smashing an Les Paul.

I really meant 'live in concert' everytime I have seen him smash it has been a Fender, but I am always happy to stand corrected. I think the Fender to Gibson smash ratio is high.

anyway, thanks as always for chiming in, Rob.


BlackVelvetLace said...

Lin I didn't even know that you were a musician, a drummer and trumpetist! Kewl.

Yes that is the photo, I didn't even notice pete's nose, his eyes are what captivate in that pic. Isn't that funny, he thought it was making him *ugly* and I thought it made him look *beautiful*.

CONGRATS on the Gibson.

Oh Tink, the hair, the hair, some days I just want to tear all mine out and start over....

Lucy HAPPY BDAY!! (belated, I'm always so belated)

Dave, that sure is love. I barely let my neices/nephews touch my guitar.

LOL Rob, that is a funny scenario for sure.


Dale said...

This photo has always disturbed and amazed me - so much like Pete.

grace said...

I remember this from Fast Times. Good one of Pete.