Thursday, October 25, 2007

Opinion Poll

So most of us kind of know that the whole Who blogsphere is a titter with the fact that and perhaps Pete's blog will be charged a subscription fee of 50 US Dollars for a yearly rate. The "talk" seems to be around whether fans who have dedicated themselves to the various blogs and sites over the years should now be entitled to pay. So I am thinking....what does everybody else think? Does it include or exclude? Is it fair to charge - because let's face it - Pete has given us so much out of his own goodwill and perhaps, this is a way of "giving back" to a good platform. Or is the whole thought of it unnecessary and creates a divide between what the internet and blogs represent - freedom of information - and therefore somewhat unfair in this regard?


bookworm said...


hope Pete will be blogging again soon, too.
If you have some free time, check my blog I had written, some about the last WHO show in October in Germany (Hannover). Hope you like my pics.

All the best from Germany
Love Stefan

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

It seems to me that the value of what they are offerring is worth the value they are charging.

Pete certainly is not going to get rich (eh, richer) from the regular bloggers signing up; the numbers are just not there. Probably a lot of bloggers did not join The Who Tour site club.

I never used all the bells and whistles of that site but since I'll drop up to $200 or so on a good ticket to see The Who...$50 isn't that bad to stay in touch and get an exclusive CD.

atomicelroy said...
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ROB said...

$50 bucks? You've got to be kidding me. This has to be a joke. No way in Hell I'd pay to blog with anyone. If anything I should be getting paid for my wonderful posts, etc.

That last line was a joke, obviously.


Dave from Pennsylvania said...


Please let me know where to send the you take Visa?

Er, that last line was a joke, obviously....LOL


ROB said...
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ROB said...

Geez Dave,
I dropped by your blog to see what's new and noticed you haven't posted since March.
Are you one of those people I've heard about who actually has a life or something? Must be nice:)

send the check to:
1536 Shadow Lane
Fullerton Ca. 92831

sorry no visa/m.c./am.ex./discover
accepted. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Dale said...

I like Pete for his music...

And I will continue to do so.

atomicelroy said...

don't get me wrong...
I think there should be a fee for

Lucy said...

I'll do what I have to do to keep following PT.

All in all I think it's a pretty fair trade, considering what they're offering. And like so many have said before, Pete's "given away" so much stuff in the past, I feel pretty thankful. Just regretful I didn't think to become a huge fan much sooner! Man, I could KICK myself! (Where WAS I?) Oh, well... like they say: "better late than never!"

I do understand however, that the fee might create a hardship for some... (hopefully not the really diehard ones...)

Let's just wait and see how it all plays out. :-)

eyesite2theblind said...

I think they should make it free to anyone under 10 years old.

Tink said...

Aww .. Aaron. I sympathize with you hon. I'm not sure if you could even make an "Internet contract" with the website if you're under 18 anyway. Maybe your Dad can subscribe for you?

I'm not sure that this is any different than other "fan sites" The whotour site had a subscription fee, but some areas were open and free to others. You should see the blatant $ hawks around the 'tweener fans, such as those who love "Hannah Montana." It's outrageous. Overall, I would love to participate in a Pete blog, just because I want so much to follow the Lifehouse/TBWHM themes. And there's nothing like getting the info and/or writing from the horse's mouth. I hope the blog will be open to all, but accept if it is not. Not much can do about it. The 'free' CD and 25% discount on other merchandise is probably worth the $50 alone. But, who can say what floats one boat and not another? If I have a spare $50 when the time comes, I may join. Is it fair? I don't know. It's relative, I guess.

Would I normally "pay" to participate in a blog? No.

Why am I thinking differently on this? Because Pete's blog is involved? Probably. I wrote on Goldhawk that I would pay the fee just to be able to participate in a Pete blog. If so, then I don't know my own motivations very well and need to think on it some more. That makes me sound stoopid, simpering, and idol worshipping. I don't want to be that way. It's not "right" according to the way I want to live my life.

All's fair in love, war, and rock 'n roll? I don't know about that. ;o)

Okay, after that confusing ramble, I frankly don't know what I want to do and may simply decide in a different moment. How's that for definitive thinking? lol

On general principal, I think that whoever decided on the fee for full site access has every right to do that.

ROB said...

Well if there are perks like free CD's and stuff involved, that's a different story. My previous post was soley based on the premise of paying to read a blog and nothing more. That I won't do. In light of this new info, I will re-think the situation when the time comes.

Lucy said...

Or principle? ;-)

Tink. :-)

Tink said...

lol Lucy. Yes, that too. Like VallyP .. I can never remember which one to use and was too lazy to look it up. lol

atomicelroy said...

principal is the head of a school and he's your 'pal'

Wow I'm giving grammar advise, the apocalypse is near.

Tink said...


apocalyptic laughter. Or is that apoplectic.


Aha. No one ever gave away that neat little hint. Thanks, Pal!


Lucy said...

advise or advice?

(too lazy to look it up!)



ROB said...

Principal is the guy that knew me on a first name basis. And Principal is the guy that didn't appreciate my National Anthem rendition (see blog if you feel the need to understand that reference). LOL!


Tink said...

I will advise you of your rights one of which is to remain silent. Take my advice or leave it. I will take my own advice and advise myself to shut up!


atomicelroy said...

see I told you guys I'm not one to be correcting grammar.

Lucy said...

dontcha mean grammer?


BlackVelvetLace said...

Hi guys, I'm on Blogation (blog vacation) but passing through on my way from being at The Office Convention in Scranton this afternoon (I get around LOL).

I think what might happen is that some parts of The Who website will be free and other parts restricted unless you have a subscription. Time will tell.

Is it fair to charge? I don't think it's fairness that comes into play here. If you have goods and want to sell them, you charge. I think people are having a reaction because previously Pete's website and blogs were free. If he had started out charging a subscription fee in the very beginning I think fans would have flocked to that and nobody would be thinking twice about a fee now.

One rule I always kept in mind while booking our band, when it came to money, aim high. You can always drop a fee, but you can never raise price once you've given your quote.

As for whether I will join up, I dunno. I was at both of his sites and asked questions, I've written to him and asked for an autograph, and he's never responded or posted/came to my blog, so for me, I'm not sure I have much of a reason to be there. Again time will tell.

My 2 cents.

See ya when I get back, I may have a tan! :)~


Lin-no-da said...

Hey everyone...
it is nice to see so many here and commenting on this matter. I wish all posts had this much enthusiasm in readership!

As I said on Rachel's blog (forum)... I think we are jumping the gun a bit... just because there IS a blog at doesn'tmean it is going to be THE MAIN BLOG THAT HE USES ALL THE TIME...

I think we should wait and find out what Pete has to say/does pertaining to this...

I am going to be patient and not try to worry until I know something absolutely and for sure. Then whether one chooses to pay or boycott would be up to oneself AFTER they know all the facts, I still think most of what is going on here is speculation.

He could always reopen his blogspot blog or have more than one. We all know he is pretty unconventional and unless having the blog on that site was his idea, I can't really see anyone from that site forcing him to use it. It just doesn;t seem like a thing that Pete would do. But if it is his idea, I am happy to stand corrected WHEN I KNOW THE FACTS!!!
Remember, this whole discussion happened because one person went on Rachel's blog and said... 'Holy Crap,Pete has a new blog on and they are charging for membership' and then the rest of us just took the ball and ran with it- WHY DON'T WE WAIT AND SEE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS??!!??

Ciao for now

Lin-no-da said...

When I have Pete and Rachel over for dinner while they are in NY this week for 'The Amazing Journey' film Premiere I will ask him to comment on this matter and solve it once and for all...



Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Sorry Lin

I hear they aren't coming to NYC this week now.

I'm bummed because I'm going to the premier.


Lucy said...

Aw, I'm sorry Dave. :-(

But at least you'll get to mingle with some other cool people, I'm sure! And see the film. Sounds like quite a happening place to be. Blog us about it! Please! (I wanted to go....)

I guess Pete's just got too much going on, with the other stuff in UK almost at the same time...

Probably just "too much"....

MargieCM said...

Better late than never ... sorry; been a busy week or so.

I don't have a problem with anything I've seen so far. The subscription clearly covers many things and seems to me to be good value. The way I see it, being entertainers is what these guys do for a living, and the website will support that as well as keep their music out there. Even if it's a marketing and communication excercise, they are entitled to be paid for what they do, and recoup some of the considerable costs associated with such a website.

The blog, while a major attraction, seems only one part of the project, which seems to offer a lot for the subscription.

But Lin is right - wait and see.

Sidney said...
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Delbut said...

For my bit. i think the $50 is only to receive the "extras" and to get inside stuff before anyone else. The site -and Pete's blog will be gratis. I think everyone is getting a bit Pete-withdrawn and panicing. We have a choice. Pay or dont. it's that simple.

Lin-no-da said...

Amen Del...
you said it well.
Put up or shut up.

And I hope you get your wish about PT at the Premiere in London. I am sure you will.
Come back and tell us wot 'appens, willya?


Lee Harrington said...

My belated two cents:
I will pay the $50 to join, even though I still have to get my car fixed, my teeth cleaned, by brain cat-scanned, my dog's back-due vet bill paid off, etc.
And it's not just about being privy to what Pete has to say. It has been a privelege to connect with all of YOU! I've never been part of a fan site before, and I am enjoying connecting with those of like mind.

I think Pete might get some flack from the media, but only because that's what the media likes to do--give flack. Some venues complained about him selling items on ebay, after all, even though that was for charity. So whatever.
Our darling idol has always been a pioneer, so it be interesting to see if Pete's decision spawns a whole new "genre" of blogging - elite, by-subcription only blogsites. I wish to God someone would pay to read my blogs (says the woman who posts only twice per month!)
Love and light to all....