Sunday, October 7, 2007

and what would you ask Pete next.. about Rachel??



Lin-no-da said...

Howdy Lace...
I'll chime in since I was delightfully pleased with the answers to my question...

If Pete wrote an album that was totally about Rachel and singing her praises, what would the title be...?

Does she have to keep up with you on a daily basis or do you have to keep up with her?

Other than sailing what activity do you two enjoy together as a hobby? (Don't be crude, Rob)

Rachel once mentioned about how they met and their first date being a dinner together after she was orchestrating some music for him...
I'd love to hear more about that.

stuff like that


ROB said...

Lin said:

Other than sailing what activity do you two enjoy together as a hobby? (Don't be crude, Rob)

O.K. Lin, I promise:)
I was just in one of those moods the other day, sorry!

Alright, Here I go:

1) I agree Lin, more on how they met would be interesting. I'm not familiar with that story at all.

2) Does Rachel get along with or have much contact with Pete's ex-wife and Pete's kids? Kind of a personal question but at least IT'S NOT CRUDE! LOL! I have to ask the tough questions though, I'm a hard-hitting journalist afterall.

Oh, and one more...

3) Rachel: You seem to have a great sense of humor, are you a Phil Hendrie fan? If not, then I can only presume you haven't heard him.

So much for the hard-hitting journalism...


Tink said...

Hmmm. I think maybe my question/s would be:

1. What is your favorite Rachel song?

2. Do you sing silly little songs to each other at random, odd moments?

3. Have you ever donned a pink tutu just to make her giggle?

Sidney said...

I think those two are a perfect "fit" as in, couple because they are like the "yin and yang" of each other. Pete is more introvert than extrovert (well as an intellectual thinker anyways)...Rachel is more gregarious and brings out a very youthful and "energetic" side of Pete. I think they are very healthy for each fact, I think Pete "found" Rachel at a perfect time in his life.

I do not know if I should even raise my question though. But my question would stem from an article I once read:,,1871386,00.html

and not that it would be any of my business anyway and besides really who cares...but Pete Townshend himself raised the point.

I found it almost sublime because it turned the Idea of relationships on the head and I think it is great because, if it is true, than it just goes to show that no one can ever really define what essentially love is. I think those two Really love each other in the most universal, moving and genuine sense of the word.

Why do I bring this up? Because it flies in the face of common logic about fact their relationship transcends the norm whether true or not. And in fact, to be very is not my business anyway...but interesting nontheless...

Great article by the way..really indepth and hearfelt..the journalist has really captured a very intimate side of Pete.

Sidney said...

The article should read:,,1871386,00.html

or else go to:

and search for:

Simon Garfield interview
Title: Generation Terrorists
Date: 17 September 2006

Lovely and articulate article all round.

Delbut said...

Um, Pete. Do you want to swap?

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Yes, I think Delbut summed it up

BlackVelvetLace said...


::thwaps him silly.. Dave's next::



Lucy said...

Wow, Sidney! What an article. Surprised I hadn't seen that one yet. Or maybe I forgot...

And tink -- now I know what Pete has under his bed... LOL

Suesjoy said...

So what was it REALLY like to meet me???


Tink said...

Yep, Lucy ... now we know. lol

Suesjoy, I wish with all my heart that I could personally know the answer to that. ;o)

Sidney, this article was an exceptional find. I also loved what Roger had to say. I think I like him a lot.

Here's the bit that really got me in heart:

Townshend mentions one photo in particular by his friend Colin Jones, an iconic image of the Who posed in front of a Union flag at the time of 'My Generation'. Townshend is in the front in a Union Jack blazer. 'With this fish-eye lens, it made my already quite prominent nose look massive. You can see if you look at it that I'm crying, because Chris Stamp [the band's co-manager] and Colin Jones were making me ugly rather than beautiful, and taking my worst feature, which I now regard as my best feature, and exaggerating it.'

But he let them do it, anyway. I love that man's soul.

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

What??? I thought Delbut was talking about Pete's Pink Pony Pajamas? (Say that fast....three times...)

BlackVelvetLace said...


::Give up:::


Lucy said...

tink... I always assumed Pete was simply pouty in a bratty sort of way in that pic. (the Union Jack jacket fisheye pic) Then when I heard about this -- well, yeah.. major Aw.

Sidney said...

I know...
isn't the man just the BEST!!!

Lucy said...

I'd ask him, "so what's Rachel's favorite junk food?" The kind of snack she sneaks at midnight.


Of course she's just as apt to tell us herself. I don't think she's any big keeper of secrets. :-)

I LOVE Natural Cheetos.