Monday, September 10, 2007

Chicago Sun-Times October 3-4, 1982

Well, here it is! But....

1) why did I think it was the Chicago Tribune? Bad memory, I guess.

2) sorry so late (you don't know what I had to go through to get these scanned today!) (a lot of spousal arm-twisting! ;-))

3) sorry so illegible and inadequately large (esp. from part II, Oct. 4) (get out your magnifying glasses!)

4) sorry the last page (p. 62) is missing. I found it in my stack AFTER all the scanning had finally been completed. I'll just fill it in the old-fashioned way later... (check back). Actually it's really short, so have hope! But you'll be missing out on another pic of Roger.

5) Re: correcting #3 and #4, see #2... so don't hope for too much! But a big thanks to my husband anyway, for being so patient with me (it only took a month!) (I should be happy I got this much! ;-)) (I don't think I have the strength for more arm-twisting).

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This was actually a color page (above) ... pinkish and very garish.

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Love that Pete pic up top, in stripes. :-)

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sorry about the right side being lopped off a bit up there! bad photocopying job on my part, I guess!

OK, now it gets really small....... so sorry. (It's a great article!)

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why's there such a big gap up there? bad scan job, I guess!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket but where's page 62?? (watch this space!!) (literally!) (OK, go ahead... you can blink)

OK... here's the final bit. For what it's worth ... (I'm a completist...)

[p. 62] Chicago Sun-Times, Wednesday, October 6, 1982 (cont'd from p. 45)

... It's a healthy sign that he was a little mad, with a little chip ... on his shoulder. Even on the last tour, the Who still care.

OPENING FOR THE WHO was T-Bone Burnett, whose set waged a largely unsuccessful battle against tinny sound, audience indifference, and the other problems that so often plague warm-up acts at the arena-rock level.

Although Burnett, best-known through his association with Bob Dylan and the Alpha Band, is one of the most intriguing songwriters on the contemporary scene, the wit, melodicism and taut dynamism of his material were largely lost within the cavernous Horizon.

Coming across best were propulsive Tex-Mex rockers such as "Like a Boomerang" and "Hold on Tight," powered by the guitar work of ex-David Bowie sideman Mick Ronson. [profile pic of Roger at the Rosement Horizon in a light colored suit jacket holding mic to mouth in his usual up-ended elbow fashion]


Lucy said...


I'm dismayed that it looks even worse now that it's posted (than it looked in my PREVIEW). Why are the sides cut off? They weren't in the preview... (well, one was, slightly, but that was different).

And anyone know how I can direct people to larger images? There must be a way to "share" these publicly on Photobucket, ?

Thanks! (and sorry to be so disappointing!)

ROB said...

Don't feel bad Lucy, your efforts are appreciated. Remember: It's the thought that counts!

ROB said...

Just so you know, I saved them and blew them up on windows picture and fax viewer and can read them just fine:)

Lucy said...

Oh that's wonderful, rob. Didn't know you could do that!

And you said you were a computer dummy! (I knew you were lyin' ;-))

ROB said...

Damn I feel like an idiot with this third straight post. Sorry for being a hog.

I just finished reading the article. Interesting to recall Pete's mindset at the time. Like him saying they would be just a studio band not a touring band over the coming years. It turned out quite the opposite didn't it.
It's a great thing to be able to change your mind on your future like that. Something an athlete doesn't have for instance. I'm watching Monday Night Football right now, and the comparison just came to mind. I was thinking of why Bret Favre can't come to grips with retiring. He can't come back in 10 or 20 years like a great band can. I don't know where I'm going with this...I hate when that happens!

Oh and Lucy:
I'm still a computer dummy. I just get lucky on occasion.

Tink said...

Thank you Lucy! Excellent work. Extra thanks to your hubby for being patient. Yep, you can click on the photo insert and copy it to your 'puter, just like Rob did. I'll read in detail later when having more time.

The photos are great! The one below the striped-shirt pic .... is it me or does Pete look just a wee bit like Lyle Lovett???? yikes. (sorry Pete!)


Lucy said...

Yeah Tink... he got caught in a weird moment... but cute nevertheless. Pete's ALWAYS cute.

Sidney said...

Hi Lucy
I thought I had bad eyesight but then I started reading your article from the blog page and managed to decipher stuff so realised that perhaps I can delay seeing that eye specialist well, for another 2 months at least. Thanks so much for the effort!!!
Your article inspired me to go back into YOU TUBE and look at some more "Pete Stuff"...had a cool afternoon doing that. One thing I heard Pete say on an interview there (think it was VH1 - meet the star - I think) and he said something that literally shook me: He was talking about Lifehouse and he said: Lifehouse is about technology fulfilling its promise - that entertainment would take over from religion.
I nearly did a backflip. This guy is a TRUE genius.
I mean I know the story of Lifehouse but put so succinctly I had a literal EPIPHANY.

Thanks again