Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Must Confess I Don't Know What a "Tag" Is

.....this reveals more and more of my cyber-ignorance, but I was just "tagged" on my other blogsite by TWWHM, and I don't know what that means.
Oddly, when I was in college my friends and I used the verb "to tag" in place of the f-word :)

I see some references in an earlier post to a list of "rules" about tagging online. Perhaps someone could share that with me? I'd hate to miss out on any action :)

Yours, Lee

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The Ones Who Heard Music said...


A tag is when someone calls on you to answer questions about yourself and then name others who are to do the same.

So for example, Atmic Elroy came to this blog and "tagged" me. I went to his blog to get the rules. When I found the post that tagged me, I copied and pasted it to a blog entry on this page and followed the instructions. Then I listed 8 others (as per the instructions) who are to do the same.

See the blog entry I posted titled Tagged! below to see what you are supposed to copy and paste to a blog entry at your own page. Answer the questions and then tag another 8 people.

Blog on!