Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh where, oh where, did Pete go, oh where, oh where

I miss Pete...where's he at? I see he was tagged too on Rach's blog.


ROB said...

Personally, I think he's trying to avoid us. Come to think of it, if I were him I'd avoid me too. Unfortunatey, I'm not so lucky, I can't avoid me. DAMN!

Lucy said...

I miss him too...

He sure was a cool rocker, wasn't he. And a cool blogger. What did he look like again?

I can't even rememeber what his sentences looked like!


MargieCM said...

I miss him too, but I hope he's taking the opportunity to rest and draw breath. He certainly put himself "out there" quite bravely for a while, and it must have been a double-edged sword having so much daily correspondence with so many people.

I miss "seeing" him around, but all is about balance. I do hope he feels able to poke his head above the parapet again soon in a similar way, but I'm happy to take second place (or fifth, or hundredth) to whatever else he's up to. Forebearing, aren't I?

Tink said...

Ohhhh ... he wouldn't want to avoid us .. now would he? nah! :o)

Excitement builds ... new Method Music Project partnership in the works, new website in the works ... new floors and draperies ala Rachel in the works. I "see" new music in the works, too. But, that's just a hunch.

Hope everyone is well and look forward to whatever's next!

xo Tink

(p.s. the unknown mysterious identity of our wonderful blog host is driving me nutso. I could only gather a few clues from the recent post. However, remain grateful for the effort to build the blog!) ;o)

Lucy said...

I agree with you Margie, always wise and tempered. I'm sure it's good for him to have distanced himself from the public for a while -- he WAS extremely generous sharing so much of his time and self with strangers all that while.

Agreeing with tink too -- would love to hear some "new music" emerge officially in the not so distant future. Solo stuff.

Or even OLD new music. (a la Scooped...)

Balance is so important. Especially for a Libra. :-) (or someone with a moon in Libra, or ascendant in Libra, or Mars in Libra, or ... or....)