Friday, September 14, 2007

The Rolling Stone Photo so cute!!!

Don't forget, everyone, to visit Rachel's Ebay store where she is selling some of Pete's personally owned items for charity!!! Very cool and this is one of the things I love about being so 'in touch' with R&P online, getting info like this first hand. How special are we as fans???



Lucy said...

Thanks for posting this pic, lin... hope I can wrestle me up a hardcopy somewhere... it's too adorable. All three of them: Rachel, Pete and the VW!

They are so very generous to offer such personal items for bid. I still can't believe the suit, especially. I find that item to be a profoundly moving item. Let's hope it moves up high on the auction!

Anyway, it's fun just to look at the stuff, if nothing else.

But I sincerely hope there'll be some more mundane ("within reach") stuff we can bid on too.

That bag cracks me up... it's SO beat up and filthy looking! Looks like something I'd drag around with me year after year... Well-loved.

- Lucy.

Delbut said...

But what you dont see is me pushing it coz she run out of petrol

BlackVelvetLace said...

Del, is Florence pushing with you? I don't see her in the VW either. Rachel looks positively gorgeous in that photo. Pete ain't so bad lookin' either :P


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

What a cute pic!

And I agree, I love just looking at the stuff and reading Pete's comments.

I hope the raise mega-bucks for the doggies of the world.

ROB said...

I find it hard to refer to Pete or any man for that matter as "cute". But I guess I can make an exception. He does look cute I suppose, in a fatherly sort of way.
My Dad was the same kind of "cute".
Now if we could only get them to put the steering wheel on the right side (right being left), and get them to drive on the right side of the road (right being right) my mind would be at ease. I think I'll "mirrir image" this photo to make myself feel better.

Tink said...

That suit and the story Pete wrote about it made me cry, too. Matter of fact, the whole thing brings tears. Not sad, just poignant and amazing. That guitar should be on a Lloyd's auction and then donated off to a museum, just because of *who* Pete is. I think his willingness to give it over for the charity is nothing short of heroic. I know that "things" aren't something we should hold onto, but this seems extraordinary.

Well, I've had grins from ear-to-ear along with the waterworks ... especially reading those descriptions. It was like being on the blog agin. :o)

I hope a pick goes up, I think I could manage a wee bid on one! Or a stray chin hair, or maybe a teabag or something. lol

xo Tink

Tink said...

oh .. the photo! Thank you, Lin. :o)

It's a great one. I wonder if Pete was singing or watching a lamp post approach the fender .. . heh.

Were you singing, Pete?

Do you ever peek in here, Pete?

Do you ever miss us like we miss you?


Lin-no-da said...

Rob, if you think about it (depending on which way you are facing or walking) they are driving on the right side of the road, their vehicle is just traveling in the wrong direction on the right side of the road...

Nice to see you here (and hear you here) Del. Congrats on the blogger album, (& to you too, Lace) I can't wait to hear it, Ronzi let me hear his track and it is good. Can't wait to hear the rest, you talented lot, you!


Hi Lucy! Hi Tink!


Lin-no-da said...

I can't take credit for the photo... I used Paul (Avharan's) link from Rachel's blog. I didn;t even know about it but when I saw it I had to give it air, so stinkin' adorable. I would love to see them chuggin' around in that thing. Rachel looks as happy as a schoolgirl driving it.

I agree Tink, I was talking to my 69 year old Mum today who adores Pete from head to toe (from hearing me play tunes and rant about him since age 11) and she said she would bid on his used toothbrush if it came with a photo and a COA. Something for us true fans who have spent all our money on front row seats over the years, eh???

These ONE OF A KIND items will just crazily increase in value over time but none of us would dare even sell it. We would box frame it and hang it in our living rooms with the proper spot-lighting! Our maybe we can all chip in and buy one thing and oass it around amongst each other month by month???

You guys are so awesome, I love this place. Oh, and Hi to Dave from PA. Forgot you in the last comment!


Lucy said...

That suit and the story Pete wrote about it made me cry, too. Matter of fact, the whole thing brings tears. Not sad, just poignant and amazing. ... I think his willingness to give it over for the charity is nothing short of heroic. I know that "things" aren't something we should hold onto, but this seems extraordinary.

I echo you, tink... poignant and amazing. I too find it a very emotional item. (bad English I know...) (I'm too tired to be perfecting)... But I honestly think (as much as I WANT IT!) that the suit really belongs in a museum. If I (dreaming) got it, I think I'd donate it (Eventually. After a few oohs and aaahs... ) Oh, and so what if it's a material possession. I bet it's got some special strings attached to it. Part of a string theory, y'know? Some karma attached to it. Or something. Some of Pete's spirit. I'm sure. AMAZING. (a tear falls) (well not really just then, but earlier when I was deeper in thought about it)

And yes, yes, yes... Pete's very, very generous to part with this (and the guitar, I think)... the touring bag, well... I've got some bags that look almost as bad, and I WANT to part with them.

I told my sister about the crappy old bag (which I must say, I WANT ALSO!) and we were musing about what we'd do with it if it were ours. I said, "I'd use it every day!" and she said, "oh no, not me. I'd put it under a glass or something, and only take it out on special occasions." How backwards is that! LOL!!

Lucy said...

P.S. Knew I forgot something, tink.

..the heroic comment. When Pete described his near death in the Club for Heroes as ironic ... that pretty much fired up my lachrymal glands too....

NOT ironic. Yeah, I know he was a mess back then, but ... ...

his generosity of spirit (honesty) just really gets to me sometimes.


Sidney said...

I want the bag and the suit but would be washing a lot of dishes in many restaurants to be able to afford either of them!

BlackVelvetLace said...

Thanks for the congrats Lin! CTA was a blast to do.

And I did a doubletake looking at the VW pic as well Rob. My first reaction was *is Pete watching the road*? Then I saw Rach was the driver.. duh.


Suesjoy said...

I know who's cuter in this pic??
Love it.
Thanks for posting it.
I think I may have a good post VERY SOON.