Saturday, September 8, 2007

Class Project

Good morning everyone, I have a favor to ask of all of you. For my class project I am doing a report on how music has shaped our lives. I would like to know the following:

Your first concert:
Your first who concert:
Your first album you bought or cd:

Your answers will be put into my project with no names. With bloggers from around the world around here there should be some great stories. I am not looking for just one word answers but some details of why it was so good and why you bought that album. If you do not want to paticipate I understand. I am looking for as much info as I can. The project is due in October so i will probably ask more questions if you dont mind. Thank you to everyone who will participate and thank you for the warm welcome on this blog.

Rock on

Aaron Jr


ROB said...

Cool, anything to help out old Aaron Jr. And I won't give one word answers either.

I used to write about Rock bands when I was 8 yrs. old too. The teachers were concerned and had a conference with my parents about it. They thought it was strange, I guess, that I was into The Who, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Rush, etc. and playing guitar more than playing with those little Star Wars Action Figures. I suppose I was "different" come to think of it.

O.K. here goes:

First concert: The A.R.M.S. CONCERT in 1983 at the Forum in Inglewood, Ca. Where the Lakers used to play and Magic led them to 5 Championships. I was 13 yrs. old.
It was a benefit concert to raise money for Ronnie Lane. You know him, from The Faces and from his album he did with Pete. He had Multiple Sclerosis (check the spelling on that for your school thing), a terrible disease which was slowly killing him, and needed help paying medical bills, etc.
Many great musicians gathered including Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Kenny Jones, Paul Rodgers, and your buddy, Eric Clapton. They were all great and don't get mad at me for saying this: Jeff Beck stole the show. Clapton and Page were great too, but Jeff Beck totally blew me away. I still have the sweatshirt from the concert, and no it doesn't fit anymore!

Second question: My 1st Who concert:

It was 1989, I was 19 yrs. old. It was at the Los Angeles Colliseum with about 100,000 people there. Not very intimate, but they sounded awesome. It was right after the Tommy benefit they did which I'm sure you have on DVD already. Pete had his hand in a cast after windmilling it right through his tremolo bar. He as the rest of the band were incredible. I loved Simon Phillips drumming, he's one of my favorites. He played with Jeff Beck at the A.R.M.S. Concert too. I remember sitting about 100 rows up at about the 50 yard line, so I had better seats than at least 40,000 other people. That's my way of putting a positive spin on it anyway. I didn't buy a shirt but I still have the tour program. I'm sure that shirt wouldn't have fit anymore either, but the tour guide is in perfect condition, unlike somethings.

Question 3: The first album I bought.

Actually, there were three. When I got my first real stereo and record player (with a built in 8-track player) I was 6 yrs. old. I ran to the store (actually Mom drove) and bought: Rush '2112', Ted Nugent 'Cat Scratch Fever' and Led Zeppelin 'Song Remains the Same'. I still have them all, yet only listen to Rush 2112 frequently. Of course I listen to it on CD now, the record hasn't seen the light of day for at least 20 years.

Well, that completes the survey...thanks you for participating...your phone call may have been monitored for quality assurance purposes...thank you may hang up now...good-bye.


p.s.-How'd I do?

Tink said...

Sheesh ... lol
That was just plain darn cute! If I was your gramma, I'd pinch your little cheek and give you a smooshy hug.

Aaron, I would like to help you out. However, I am one of the wretched souls who has never seen The Who in concert. So, the assignment would not be complete. :o(

I will very much enjoy reading everyone else's responses, tho.

Have fun with your class project!


EPCISGOD said...

Hey Rob you will like this one, my first show was Deep Purple 1972 in Waterbury Ct. I was 8 years old. My brother got machine head and was a huge Blackmore fan. I remember a bit of it we were pretty close to Ritchie. I have always been a DP fan. I think that lineup can stand with any rock band.

First Who show was in 82 at shea stadium with the Clash- I dont need to say anymore.

Being the huge Clapton fan I am Disraeli Gears was my first album. Aaron Jr cant stand Clapton. Even I dont rank as high as Pete Townshend.

ROB said...

Wait a second, now I'm totally confused. You're telling me Aaron Jr. can't stand Clapton? I thought he loved Clapton, at least that's the impression I was given. Well, Aaron Jr. you just went up another notch in my book. As a matter of fact you're off the chart now.

Best of luck with your class project; bring home an A+ for all of us and most importantly for yourself:)


Lin-no-da said...

Hi Aaron my bud!,
I'll answer your questions for your project...

My first concert was also my first Who concert:

1982 Shea Stadium: The Schlitz rocks America Tour. Unbelievable & LOUD LOUD LOUD, well , as you know firsthand, they are still loud. I had horrific seats way up high but Pete had such an effect on me LIVE. I was 14 but discovered Pete at age 11 while I was at a Jazz Band rehearsal at the home of a kid in the band. He was playing Who's Next & I heard 'The Song is Over' then 'Gettin' in Tune' Then 'Goin' Mobile'on a turntable in his bedroom and I remember being mezmerized and totally engrossed in it. I knew I had to have it but didn't know where to get it. Pete's voice blew my mind. I didnt want to leave. I asked him who it was and he said 'you never heard of The Who?'
I was 11, for God's sake and did not have cool parents like yours who were into music and wanted to teach me what was classic. Every penny I earned from age 11 to 18 pretty much went to Who memorabilia and albums.

My first album I bought with my own money was The Kinks - Give The People What they Want in 1981. I was 13. Before that I played my older sister's and crother's albums like Elton John and Bread and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Since I didn't own a turntable I remember I always used to try to record stuff onto casette from the radio. Everytime The Who or The Kinks or Rush would come on I would run to the tape machine and try to catch most of the song. I had cassettes EVERYWHERE.
I still love that Kinks album to this day. The songs 'Yo-yo' & 'Destroyer' take me back to being a kid playing that album over and over at my Grandmother's house in her bedroom on her turntable. She never cared that I played the same songs over and over again tho learn the words. She put up with me. One evening I played that album completely through 12 times without a break, then I fell asleep on the floor in front of the turntable.

I hope some of this helps with your project, bud!
Email me, I miss talking with you.


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Hi Aaron,Jr.

I really can't reacall my first concert...was it Triumph, The Guess Who, The Who, Pat Benatar, Jmaes Taylor, Flock of Seagalls (lol)...I just odn't recall. I also don't remember my first album either.

My first Who concert was in Philly at JFK Stadium (now gone). Rode a radio station bus there I think. Bus was late and missed Santanna and some of the Clash. Saw The Who form the entire opposite side of the stadium. a stretch.....some fool spilled beer on me....

I saw The Who in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in 1989. I lost the high end of my hearing at the Pittsburgh tinitus and all...seventh row I believe. I've seen The Who a lot in the 2000's, I wear musicians ear plugs...

grace said...

1st concert - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, with Stevie Nicks, 5th row. Meadowlands Arena.

1st Who concert - Shea Stadium approx. 15th row. Packed in like sardines, you could pick your feet up and stay right where you were! It was insane, hot, too many people. The Clash, and David Johanson of the NY Dolls opened up. It was probably the most memorable Who show ever, just being down there by the stage at Shea Stadium in New York literally fighting for your place, squeezed in, trying to keeping on your feet, and enjoying The Who! It was awesome. Before The Who went on the venue tried to get everyone to calm down, sit down and relax, nah, didn't work just made it worse. The Who went on and rocked the house.
1st album I bought - what a contrast, The Carpenters.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Hey Aaron Jr, glad you are posting. You and your dad's blog entries have been awesome. Ok, to answer your questions:

My first concert was when I was in college (you've got a big jump on me in this one!) I went to see Livingston Taylor and afterwards I managed to slip backstage with a few others and meet him. When he went to sign my ticket I was speechless. His concert was a solo concert, very intimate, very excellent.

My first Who concert: Again you've got a big jump on me,as my first Who concert is in the future!

My first album: Was James Taylor, Sweet Baby James

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

Aaron Jr cant stand Clapton.

Oh, I'm confused now too LOL

blog on!

MargieCM said...

Hi Aaron Jr. Nice idea for a project!

Here's an Australian perspective. Remember we're a long way for most UK and US bands to travel to, so it's a big (expensive) deal for them to tour here.

OK: First concert: Jethro Tull, sometime in the seventies. '76 perhaps? I was given two tickets as a birthday present and took my best friend from school. I thought they were amazing. It was my first taste of real, amplified music, and the atmosphere was so powerful. Loved every minute.

First Who concert. Well, the Who have toured here only twice; in 1968 (when I was only 9 and had never heard of them), and then again a few years ago in 2004, and as I've never been travelling when and where else they were playing, 2004 was my first and only time(how sad is that!?), when of course I was there with bells on. I was unbelievably nervous; I'd wanted so badly for so long to see them play live - what if they disappointed? They didn't. I couldn't believe how fantastic they sounded. A truly magical, uplifting and transcentental experience, and worth the wait.

The first album I bought? The Beatles Double White album. I had been given some money for my birthday, and my brother wanted this record, so he talked me into buying it! I have never regretted it though, even if he was a sneaky conniving rat. It's still a great album.

Hope this helps!

Sidney said...

Hey Aaron Jnr

Here is a South African perspective:

During apartheid no one wanted to come and play in our country and rightly was an act of defiance for international stars to not come and play here until we got our political act together. A few international artists who DID come out to play here during that time used to play at a very elitist and boring venue called Sun City. ...but that is the only place they could really play.

Now that apartheid is over we are managing to get some mediocre acts out here at OUTRAGEOUS prices. I say "mediocre acts" because they are largely MTV success stories and thus these acts can be relied upon to bring more money and people to the shows because of their mass appeal. Pity really. We do not get much other than that because audiences here are quite divided because we have many languages and peoples which is why South Africa is called "the rainbow nation"...but this does not register well for financial gain in bringing out less well known but very good acts here.
In a sense this has also meant that our own music has suffered accordingly as it does not get the recognition it deserves both locally and internationally.

Jethro Tull will be coming here in Novemeber and I can say then that this will be the first concert I will go to.

My first album was that I bought was "Face Dances" by the Who . My introduction to the Who was Quodrophenia which is still my ALL TIME FAV!!!!! but my friend had already given my the LP so "Face Dances" was my first purchase.

Never seen The Who live but it has always been a dream of mine. In my dream I am right there in the front row ....we dream on.