Friday, September 21, 2007

Pete's 1989 appearance on Letterman (A Friend is a Friend) (in dedication to all blogger friends, including Suesjoy)

Really cool interview from 1989, though it would probably embarrass Pete today! God, it's funny! (but not surprising)

Townshend on Letterman (1989)

If anyone can figure out how to embed this video into the blog, let me know! I tried, and all I get is a blank screen with a play button that does nothing.

Letterman mentions that Pete was on his show "about 4 or 5 years ago" as well. Has anyone seen that one?! I'd love to. I've seen some later shows, which were also a riot.

Pete: you're a riot. (He may find it very difficult to have fun, but he sure knows how to give fun to others!) Thanks, Pete.


ROB said...

Awesome! I love that tune! I always thought it was a beautiful song and of course still do. This is also a perfect segway for me...

Now..if you want to hear some bad music (bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good), I came across an old tape of a song I recorded back in the early 90's. I put it up on my blog for all to hear (or sneer).
Who knows, maybe you'll like it:)


ROB said...

Cool, I found a glitch in the system. I guess if your title is too long it runs into the top of the first person's comments. Class action suit against blogger may be in order. lol.


Lin-no-da said...

The 'other show 4 or 5 years ago' that you are referring to was NOvember 12, 1985 when Pete was on Letterman promoting 'Horse's Neck'! How do I know? That date is etched in my brain because it is the first day I ever met Pete as I waited at Dave's then studio, NBC, and got to meet Pete and take aphoto and get some sigs, I waws 17 and Pete was 40. So freakin' cool...
He was wearing a ton of layers as the 'rock star' look he usually does he had a blazer over a leather jacket and a blue scarf. I asked him why and he uttered the words 'I'm Cold' to me and my friend and I went berzerko and put the encounter in our HS Yearbook as '11-12-85 the day Pete said he was cold' pretty funny to go back and read that now...

I have it on VHS somewhere but no idea where...
funny you should ask!


Lucy said...


Oh, Lin....

It's hard to type when you're turning green..... with envy...

Where was I??? Oh, I know where I was and it was really dreadfully mundane. I was working at a photo shop during those days. In New Orleans. Just a few years older than you. Pete was far, far from my mind during that era, sadly. :-(

But really, thanks for that fascinating account of your time on Nov. 12, 1985. I love just reading about it! "I'm cold" - how cute.

It's cool that you even got to get onto the Letterman set. He seems to genuinely like Pete. If you can ever, ever find a way to share that VHS with us, please do!! I'd be most appreciative.

Now on a different note, I'd like to see Pete on LKL. Wouldn't that be cool?

BlackVelvetLace said...

Lucy this is GREAT. Thanks for posting it. You know, the more I see of Pete the more and more I just love him. He's intelligent, he's funny, he's humble, he's real, he's wacky. No wonder he and Rachel make such a perfekt pair.


BlackVelvetLace said...

PS And Delbut really does sound like him, Del shares the lead with Suesjoy on Crashing the Attic's *A Friend is a Friend*. I hope Rachel can get permissions and post it for ya'll to hear.


Lucy said...

thanks, lace, and thanks for the info on the cover. A Friend is a Friend is such a sweet, sweet song. How could it not be? It came from a sweet heart.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Lucy, you're welcome! it is a sweet song, and for CTA's version Sue incorporated the Allen School Childrens Chorus in the last chorus and well, you have to hear it. The whole song, between the kinds, Sue, Del and Rance is just great.


BlackVelvetLace said...


I only have one question for you. Why aren't you in a band?

I loved your song!!!!!!


ROB said...

Thanks Lace:

I don't think anyone has ever said they "Loved" that song. I appreciate that. Why am I not in a band? I don't know, I guess I have always been (up 'til recently) too busy with a normal 9-5 job. Now I actually have time to put something together but just haven't got around to it or haven't found the right people yet.
I'd had the same drummer for about 22 years. We were really tight but he went and got married and that kind of ruined everything. I'll keep trying to get something together but it ain't easy finding people who you both like and are musically compatible with. Not for me anyway.

Thanks again Lace!

Suesjoy said...

Oh what a treat.

The video froze on me during the interview and I have to run...I will be back to watch this again.

Delbut was a PEACH and a half - he worked SOOOO hard on this song for me for the CTA cd. Rance helped us too and saved the day. It's an EXTREMELY difficult song to play, you can see it's very intricate.

Thank you all my blogger friends for your love and support. I am healing SO well - my eyebrows are even now! I just can't sleep due to tinnitus and other things. :(
I will blog about it soon, but I am getting tired of writing about my recovery, I am through with my pity parties, really.

You lot are the BEST. Truly.

Much, much love,

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Lucy...thanks for the post story

Sue ..... sorry about the tinnitus...

Suesjoy said...

PS - MY cool story is - I met Pete outside of the Four Seasons in Boston during the 89 tour - and I touched the very jacket he was wearing on this Letterman show!
I couldn't speak...he said hi and handed him a little tiny address book which he kindly autographed...then as he walked away I touched his arm and said he was wonderful or something...then my feet never left the ground for about a month or so.

Delbut said...

He sounds just like me.

Lucy said...

Suesjoy, cool -- so you touched the ponytailed Pete. I think he was cute in that ponytail. Of course. It was Pete!

I wonder if he gets tired of people telling him he's wonderful. :-)

And Rob -- yeah, get a band together! The big M isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Lucy said...

Oh and I want to hear you Del.

And Sue -- is it an extremely difficult song because of the weird rhythm changes?

I've been playing AFIAF for the past week or so while driving in my car. It's a great car song! LOUD!

Tink said...


It's a keeper! Love the ponytail, too.

The recall you guys have is amazing. I could imagine every nuance of those exciting moments around PT.

Lucy, you can hear Del playing with Spiny Norman. Hope you don't mind Del ...

from Del's profile at the band's website:

"His drumming is a joy to behold! He can play Black Betty by Ram Jam perfectly, but it only happens when the rest of the band are playing Smoke on the Water!!"



you can hear a sample of the band. I don't know if Del sings on any of 'em, but the band sounds great! Well, if you hear PT's voice in the Kinks cover, it's because he sounds like Del.


xo Tink

Lucy said...

Thanks, tink... I'll check it out..

on another note, I've been LOVING The Iron Man -- it's really, really grown on me! I've never listened to it so intensely as during the last few days. I'm especially enjoying the tracks with Simon on them. :-)

(in a Simon mood...)

But the whole thing's just so fun.

I eat turbo-schnitzel!