Sunday, September 9, 2007

Touched by Pete's being touched!

Touching. Moving. Sweet. Cool! Jazzy! Fun. (Great song, Gary)

This reinforces my confidence that Pete will one day open up another blog...

He's got to be one of the most caring people out there ... he has so much feeling for others that it's really touching (almost brings a tear to my eye....)

(Now -- if Pete by some chance sees this, maybe he'll be touched AGAIN ... and respond in some way, which will touch us BACK! And it can keep going and going...)


ROB said...

Now that was totally COOL!

MargieCM said...
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MargieCM said...

Lovely post. It's a wonderful song and tribute, and Pete's reaction to it is indeed touching; it is obvious he is genuinely moved. Gary should be so proud, as should all those bloggers who played a part in TBWHM.

And yes, I believe it is this connection with his audience that Pete values so much that will bring him back to some form of direct communication when he's ready. I hope it's a blog of some sort.

Suesjoy said...

So sweet...made me teary (ok that's not hard to do lately).
My only complaint is, Gary could have EASILY sung "Susie D."

ha ha ha.
I had ADD from my old nemesis Fred so I couldn't complete TBWHM.
That's my excuse and I'm milking it for all it's worth.

I am sure Pete will be blogging again...I hope so!

Sidney said...

Wow what a lovely song and what an amazing thing that Pete had to say....makes me realise that we were not totally lost in the ether once his blog was taken down....we are here and there and EVERYWHERE...quite special. thanks for this!!

Dale said...

That was fabulous!

Gary, it's like a dream come true.

For many of us!

BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow, Gary sent me the code for part of this and I have it on Myspace, but I hadn't seen the extended conversation between Pete and Mikey before. I am blown away at how much Pete really did appreciate Gary's excellent song, and Paul's preserving it to video.
Also how Mikey came home and went to his blog to see what the bloggers had to say. Amazing.

Wish Pete and Rach would drop by here sometimes.


Tink said...

Thank you Lucy!

This was so wonderful to watch again, especially with the fuller Attic snippets. a-ha-ha .. pun not intended! Very moving. They are so sweet, sometimes, that it is overwhelming.

Gary has more video up on his blog (I watched, Gary, but ran out of time to comment!) Very enjoyable. Hope the heat has lessened out there.


Lucy said...

I think I have ADD too, Sue.

Not kidding.

Fred's dead. Long live Sue!

ginab said...

'course, it's here!

Makes me wonder what's happened to Mikey. Ahhh.

Very cool, though.

where did the mini opera go after the college performance though, I wonder.