Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

I found this cool Pete picture online today by accident. I thought I had seen every PT photo under the sun and this has eluded me until now. I think it is quite thought provoking, kinda like the guitar finally broke him, for once, and I really like it. I thought others might want to right click on it and save it... perhaps yes, perhaps no. Either way, there you have it.

ROCK ON, my Who friends!


Perhaps this would make an excellent jacket or cover photo for the autobio, whenever it comes out? I don't know who created this but I am inrtuiged by it...


ROB said...

Nice Lin,
What a totally cool pic of Pete. I especially like the Les Paul being included in it as it's my guitar of choice. I agree, this would be a killer cover for Pete's autobiography.

ps-check out my last blog entry for a good laugh. I posted pics and commentary of my dog Taz's 15th birthday party. If you thought the Rolling Stone picture of Pete and Rachael were cute, you'll love these as well I'm sure.

Tink said...

Lin! So nice to "see" out and about ;o)

This is awesome. I wonder who created it. There's a fragment of guitar in the forefront of the painting. That piece reflects the reflection of Pete's eye. This painting gives me the goosebumps. Thanks, Lin ... a gorgeous find!

xo Tink

Lucy said...

Neato, lin. (At first glance it looked like Phil Collins.) Very handsome.

Now... I know a guy in the area who could fix that guitar. May cost a bit.

Eerie pic of Pete though, seriously. Fractured. Nice rich colors. So warm you can almost hear the echo of the string vibrations as they fade out from the smash.

If I say anything else I'll sound like an ignorant art student.

Suesjoy said...

Oh wow. Intense and yeah so handsome!

Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Cool pic!

(didn't want to sound like an art

tanstripe said...

No, never saw that pic before, either...thanx.
This comment may fit in here: I recently bumped into a web site (courtesy of one of Lucy's postings here, I think, several posts down - thank you, Lucy) where there were absolutely wretched comments about Pete's arrest debacle and the comments utterly stunned and horrified me!(Yes, I'm very naive to alot of Pete's arrest details) I think Rob (this Rob here?) basically told the people who commented, to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

ROB said...

Yeah, Tanstripe, that was me that told them to shove it sideways and deep. I'm sure none of those who had commented on Pete's arrest there will ever read my comments but I felt someone should set them straight anyhow.

Lucy said...

I think most people realize (thankfully) that Pete's a decent, sane, intelligent and god-like person. (Notice, small g... as in Greek god of mythology... the one who's hooked up with Athena). (or was she a single girl? Maybe tink knows...)

BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow what a great piece of artwork. Lin do you have the weblink where you came across it? I wonder if Pete knows this exists. And I like your critique Lucy.

~Lace the ponceawannatime art student~


Tink said...

heh Lucy ... I think Athena was the ultimate single. The beatiful warrior. Her Dad was Zeus - I can see 'ole Pete as Zeus - his guitar is legendary and lightening bolt-like! That's about all I know and would have to look it all up for real detail. Maria (I think) is the Greek historian - if she peeks in here now and then ... perhaps she could do a side-by-side ... Pete/Zeus.

Oh please everyone ... don't hold back. How do you feel about this painting, what do you see in it ... I love to read your opinions, thoughts, dreams, wishes, etc. You're all wonderful people with entertaining and enlightening views!

xo Tink


BlackVelvetLace said...

Yah where are Maria and Lisa (Nabonidus)?


Lucy said...



Lucy said...

yeah, I miss Lisa and Maria too.

Though not Lisa Marie.

Lucy said...

Oh, no! I hope there's not someone here named Lisa Marie!

(anyway... you know what I mean....)