Thursday, September 6, 2007


Aaron Sr (EPCISGOD) and our already famous Aaron Jr (aka Pete Townshend Jr) as our newest team member bloggers. They will be working together on blog entries, as you can see by the excellent one they posted just below. Shall we give their first effort a big hand??

Blog on!


Dave from Pennsylvania said...

Welcome to the camp!

Lucy said...

This blog is hoppin' now!

Lin-no-da said...


More Aarons!
More people who I have sat with in the front row of Who shows!
Can't wait to do it again sometime (without the vomiting on Aaron, Jr's part,yeah?



Tink said...

Welcome to Aaron Jr. and Dad!

Happy happy happy to "see" you both!

xo tink

ginab said...

Hey, just a big THANK YOU to the Arrons for the link to the petition in favor. bless you. Muy BRAVO!


PS: I signed. Left comments to the petitioner.